Why Jason Hope Should Be Considered A Futurist

When a person gets a degree in finance, economics or other related field, people naturally expect that when he leaves school he will invest in the same fields. Jason Hope, an investor in mobile technology with an MBA in finance states that the best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you can create a passion for any field or niche and as long as there is a gap in the supply, they will make good money out if. We caught up with Jason Hope and asked him a few questions about the journey he has been through as an investor and this is what he had to say.

Where did you get the inspiration to start your business?
Jason states that the inspiration to start a business that is connected to telecommunications came from studying the markets and realizing that the best way to create a sustainable business would be to look for an investment model that involved a huge percentage of the population. His calculations let him know that close to 80 percent of the population uses their phones daily and his decision to go mobile was confirmed.

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Where do you get your money from?
After creating the first money making venture, Jason realized that in order to be truly independent financially, he would have to create multiple revenue sources. The first company that he created, Jawa, was to handle all his investments related to mobile and telecommunications. He states that he gets money to fund his activities from the proceeds of his own businesses.

What did you do about entrepreneurs fear?
Jason states that he realized that all entrepreneurs have a fear of failing. He decided that he would use this fear to fuel his success such that the fear to fail made it hard for him to give less than the best on investing.

What about giving back to the community?
Jason is a strong believer in taking part in all manner of philanthropic causes. One of the projects he is taking part in, SENS Foundation carries out research on aging and how it can be reversed. He is a true futurist who believes in the endless possibilities presented by technology.

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