Wessex Institute Journals

The Wessex Journals are published by WIT Press, known for publishing high quality books and journals available in print and electronically.The journals cover a range of topics one of which is The Design and Nature of Ecodynamics, click wessex.ac.uk/research-studies. This particular journal is a place for researchers worldwide to work on a variety of studies involving nature and its importance to modern science as well as thought and design. They also strive to open new channels of communication for understanding the closeness between arts and sciences. Some topics included in the journal deal with natural design, architectural issues in design, the management of natural resources as well as arts and aesthetics. Ecodynamics specifically relates ecosystems to evolutionary thermodynamics in order to arrive at satisfactory solutions for sustainable development.The Wessex Journals accepts original papers, review articles, short communications, book reviews and other submissions from potential authors. Journals are published in four, six or eight full color volumes a year. These subscriptions also include online access to the journals as well.

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