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So you need an additional income but you don’t know where to turn? The truth about making money as a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard is that they can really help provide you with another income, but it can be a bit scary to dive right in. There are some people who had some hesitation when they joined in. Here’s a few things you should know about why you should join the fun and become wine guide yourself.

You make money by selling the wine and receiving 35 percent of all the sales. You can also make money from your downline and inviting sellers, and then receiving a percentage of their sales. When you add in the bonuses from other things you accomplish as a seller, you can be earning some serous cash every single month.

The best part about working with the Traveling Vineyard is that they don’t want you having a home filled with wine. They do not want you stocking up on wine in your home. That is not the goal. You don’t need to sell a certain amount every single day either. You simply sell when you want to. This is the flexibility aspect coming into play, and this could be perfect for those of you looking to just make money when you need to.

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There are specific events you must attend for training, alongside training modules you should be going to, but other than that, you do not need to be working a certain or set time schedule. You have full fledged freedom to do whatever you choose to do. The costs to join and maintain your membership is also very low and provides you with a website for three straight months FREE. There are very minimal costs involved when you become a seller. The opportunities are endless as a seller.

You can be making good money, meeting good people, making new friends, and getting the chance to travel. Their events are always somewhere exotic and exciting. This is the company to work with if you want to make good money and open up to new possibilities.

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