The Work Of Christopher Burch

The fashion industry and the technology industry is ever changing and each industry is growing in record numbers. It is a fascinating journey to see fashion and technology grow together. In many ways, fashion becomes more technologically advanced and technology becomes more fashionable. Each industry goes hand in hand. In the 1970s, the radio boom box came on the scene as one of the first technology devices that can be worn as fashion. You would see many men and women wearing the boom box either as around their necks or sitting right on their shoulder. In the 1980s, these boom boxes were depicted in movies, which made them even more popular. Once the 1990s came along, people ditched the boom box and wore a more portable music player called the Walkman.


Ten years after the personal Walkman, one of the biggest and most fashionable devices came on the scene, the iPod. The iPod was one of the most technologically advanced music devices that came on the scene. The iPod came in a variety of colors, which made it even more fashionable. There is a synthesis between fashion and technology that is currently taking place. Many designers are using technology in their fashions. A Dutch fashion designer named Anouk Wipprecht is using technology in her fashions. She has made a dress that can make drinks.


Christopher Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. His company believes in entrepreneurial values and opportunities in new markets. His company applies creativity and imagination.

Christopher Burch has spent 40 years as an entrepreneur and an investor. He has been apart of the start of 50 companies. His company works with some of high profile brands, which include lifestyle brands, retail, home furnishings, technology, hospitality, and apparel. Christopher Burch’s company supports the development of these companies and works with them to make them a success.


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