The Mind Is A Fascinating Thing: Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll has always been fascinated in how things began. In school, he really liked astronomy and the world of science. One thing Jorge Moll really wanted to explore when he became an adult was to see how the brain functions under certain situations. He wants to see which parts of the brain work when a person is given a set of questions. Now he is the director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education and can do just that. In an interview with Bennett Helm, Jorge Moll talked in depth about the early experiments he did and what kind of technology he was able to use at the time.

In the 1990’s Jorge Moll was just beginning in his work on the brain and the processes that the brain uses to make decisions. His experiments started with an MRI which means magnetic resonance imaging) and taking pictures of the most active parts of the brain. He eventually moved on and got a chance to work with a fMRI. The F stands for functional.

When Jorge Moll got a chance to use this new technology it opened a whole new world of research for him. With the help of the new machine, he could ask a participant to do something as simple as tap his or her finger and the brain would react in a certain way. Doing tasks like this is fascinating to Jorge Moll and he was able to further his research on the brain.

One particular project that he found exciting was placing people in the machine and presenting them with a moral dilemma ( When the participant thought about the dilemma and made a decision he found that a certain area of the front part of the brain would be active depending on the decision that was made. Jorge Moll has also found over the years that emotional responses trigger a different part of the brain altogether. These projects help Jorge Moll and his staff to figure out which parts of the brain are activated when certain triggers are put into effect. That is why he does what he does.


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