The contribution of Sheldon Lavin to the success of ISO group

The trend in the success of ISO group from the time it started as a small butcher shop to wholesale and later on reached an international level was as a result of excellent management skills. There are some individuals with qualifications and experience in business entrepreneurship that played significant roles in its success.

Sheldon Lavin is among the most successful leaders at OSI group. He is currently the chief executive officer at the company. He joined the company at the time when it was known as the Otto and Sons. Sheldon Lavin’s presence at the company has contributed positively to its success. He has added more value to the company because of his well technical knowledge and useful years of experience in matters dealing with meat and food processing.

Sheldon Lavin’s efforts at ISO group in meat processing led the company to transform from being a local and domestic food processing to the international food processing company. The company has been able to come up with value added product through innovation and also it has come up with new products. Its success to penetrate into the International market was as a result of its research in the global market which led to its fastest growth and expansion. Sheldon Lavin was the one that contributed to the goal of the company of penetrating and being the leading food processing industry globally.

ISO group multiplied by opening many branches across the nations like Spain, the United Kingdom among others. Its primary aim was to create more markets and to improve its identity. Through Sheldon Lavin management strategies, the ISO group was able to open a new food processing plant in Spain. The plant deals with processing of chicken meat. Most residents in Spain preferred consuming chicken meat as compared to other meat products.

The research showed that the meat demand in Spain was highly increasing. More chicken meat demand in Spain led to more processing activities. As a result, he created more job opportunities by employing more people so that processing could be faster to meet the current demand. He also designed other job opportunities by introducing more processing plants to other nations.

These plants needed management; he solved this problem by employing more people to the industry.In addition to creating job opportunities, the ISO group also got several environmental and sustainability awards under Sheldon Lavin leadership strategies. Lavin hope is that the next leader of ISO group will continue or even come up with new techniques to win more prizes.

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