Alex Pall explains their identity and style to Interview magazine.

The Chainsmokers, a DJ duo made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart had a sitting with the Interview magazine after their anticipated song featuring Halsey, “Closer” was released. They told Mathias Rosenzweig about their new song, how they intended to shape their identity and remain relevant to their growing audience.

When asked about how they met and what made them confident they would work together, Alex mentioned that he was introduced to Andrew by his then manager. As soon as they met, he quit his job and Andrew moved from Maine and they began working together. He knew they were a right fit for each other after they had conversations and realized they had the same passions, core values and their goals were all about growing the same identity.

Andrew thinks that for a DJ duo, building a strong identity as an artist isn’t such a task but it has challenges. He talks about how many people are creating similar content and it is upon an artist to come up with unique content. Andrew adds that it was not more than a year ago that they decided to focus on everything rather than just dance music. When Mathias mentioned that he was intrigued by the fact that the duo sang their own lives, Pall said that they were working towards making songs that have a relation to one another and it was easier basing it on their life stories.

Alex Pall praised Halsey saying she was a unique artist with a strong voice and was unapologetically herself in the song that was one of their many compositions. The lad was excited when he looked through social media because he could tell the kind of people connecting with his music. His partner, Andrew added that they had grown from their college audience to making songs that people below 15 and over 30 would relate with.

Lastly,Mathias Rosenzweig wanted to know the interview how they would change their live shows and visuals to cater to every fan. Pall responded by saying that they were going to push more boundaries because theirs was to give their fans new experiences.