Cassio Audi – Influential Brazilian Rock Musician of the 1980s

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Cassio Audi began his early career life in music. He was part of the Brazilian heavy metal band “Viper” that was founded in 1985. Cassio was a well known and influential drummer and instrumentalist in the Brazilian music scene of the 1980s, his music covering a range of genres from power metal to alternative rock. The Viper band was comprised of a group of very talented teenagers who were highly influenced by the famous British heavy metal band “Iron Maiden.” In 1985, Viper produced their first demo tape, and went on to record their first studio album in 1987, releasing “Soldiers of Sunrise” to great acclaim in the Brazilian music market.

A number of leading music industry magazines in Brazil wrote glowing reviews on the new album.These included the likes of Metal Forces, Kerrang and Metal Hammer. Riding on their popularity, Viper was asked to be the opening act for a Motorhead show in Brazil. The band continued to have success with their musical recordings not only in Brazil but internationally as well.Viper’s second album, “Theatre of Fate” was released in 1989. The skill of the Viper musicians was noted in particular for their mix of metal and classical music, such as a song based on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” Theatre of Fate was a great success, earning Viper notoriety in many countries.

In Japan, this album outsold the releases by well known bands such as Van Halen and Nirvana. Viper played at Club Cittá in Tokyo in April of 1993, subsequently releasing the live album “Maniacs in Japan.”If you were to meet Cassio Audi today, you might not, at first, recognize him as an internationally famous rock star. Mr. Audi went on to pursue additional aspirations in life, ultimately obtaining a degree in business from Sao Paulo University. Yet, if you were to speak to Cassio today, he might well tell you that his foundation years in the music industry and his role in contributing to the growth and success of Viper has led to his current success in the business world.