From dancer to movie producer: Lawrence Bender’s Hollywood Journey

Lawrence Bender, 60, is a famous American film producer. During the course of his film career, he has obtained several awards for his movie creations

Lawrence Bender was born into a Jewish family. He was born in New York but spent his childhood in New Jersey. Bender’s father taught history at a local college in New Jersey, and his mother taught a kindergarten class. Lawrence Bender pursed a degree in civil engineering after he heard there were several open jobs in that field. In 1979 he graduated from The University of Maine with a degree in civil engineering. While attending The University of Maine, Bender developed a passion for dance. He took on a career as a dancer for several years after he graduated before an injury stopped him from dancing.

Lawrence Bender supports several causes to fight social injustice. He works on the Israel Policy Forum and Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

Lawrence Bender’s best movies are Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs.

Good Will Hunting (1997) is a drama film with famous actors Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Ben Affleck. Affleck and Damon wrote the script.

In this movie, Twenty-year-old Will Hunting of South Boston is a man with the IQ of a genius who works as a janitor at MIT. Hunting spends his free time consuming alcoholic beverages with friends, Chuckie, Billy, and Morgan. Hunting’s talents are recognized by Professor Gerald Lambeau when he anonymously solved the mathematics problem intended for Lambeau’s graduate students. Both Lambeau and his class were shocked. Then Lambeau writes down an even more difficult mathematics question. Lambeau was able to catch Hunting before he finished answering the question on the board. Hunting fled the scene and went to a bar.

The next day, Hunting gets into a gang fight with the people that bullied him when he was a kid. Lambeau attends his court hearing and offers him a great deal. Hunting would not have to got to jail if he agreed to study mathematics with him and attend therapy sessions. Hunting hesitantly agrees but did not take his first few therapy sessions seriously.