End Citizens United Seeks To Turn Paul Ryan’s Seat Into Win For Democrats

Political observers once agreed that Randy Bryce was most likely a “sacrificial lamb” for the Democratic party in Wisconsin. He was running against none other than the Speaker of House, Paul Ryan, for the 1st Congressional District seat of the Badger State.

But Ryan stunned everyone when he announced recently that he was done. He is no longer seeking re-election and will leave politics. Suddenly, the prospects of Randy Bryce look a lot better. He now has an excellent shot of taking a seat held by Republicans for decades.

Randy Bryce has also received the endorsement of End Citizens United, a grassroots political action committee focused on reforming the way political campaigns are run in America.

Specifically, End Citizens United is dedicated to overturning a 2010 Supreme Court decision proven to be among the most disastrous rulings ever handed down by the High Court. Its so-called Citizens United decision allowed for unlimited spending by PACs and Super PACs in U.S. elections. Greedy billionaires and giant corporations can contribute as much money as they want to “buy” their candidate of choice.

Randy Bryce is among those running who has refused to accept Big Money donations from corporations or PACs. He has raised nearly $2 million from individual voters averaging just $25 each.

Bryce is running his campaign in the way political races were originally intended to be run in America. That’s what End Citizens United wants — a return to a system where individual citizens and voters can make their voices heard — and not be drowned out and disenfranchised by cash-bloated wealthy elites.

End Citizens United also accepts only small donations. In fact, the group has raised an incredible $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterms. The average donation is just $14 each. The group also has also garnered some 3 million members. In addition to raising funds to help pro campaign reform candidates get elected, ECU volunteers are working on the ground level — knocking on doors, making phone calls — for campaigns across America.

Flipping at least one House of Congress this fall from Republican control to Democrat control would be a major victory for End Citizens United.

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