Talos Energy LLC a Leading Oils and Gas Company

Talos Energy LLC is based in Houston, and it’s about to procure Stone Energy Corporation via $ 1.9 billion which was announced through a press release. The two companies aim to merge and make their operations as one, and the trademark will be Talos Energy Inc. where they will operate in the New York Stock Exchange. As per the release, is that the deal between the two companies will come to an end late first or the early second quarter next year.

There is excellent significant that will be realized from the merger since the Talos will be able to achieve their goals easily and become a leading production company as stated by the CEO Timothy S. Duncan. The fact of the matter is that there will be a combination of talents as well as increased availability of enough resources that will enable the two companies to achieve their objectives.

The deal between the two seems to be so good because by the closure of that deal the stakeholders from Talos will have ownership of 63% of the company whereas the shareholders of Stone will get the remaining portion that is 37%. The Talos Energy Inc. estimates a gross of 1.2 million in the Gulf of Mexico. The projections show that the company will have a massive production of barrels of oil within the period of the deal.

Moreover, Mr. Duncan will serve as CEO of the Talos Energy Inc., and the other board members will comprise four from Stone and other six from the Talos. And the central office of the corporation will be based in Houston and other offices in Lafayette.

The Taylors Energy Company is leading in the development and production of oil and gas in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The Talos Energy was established back in the year 2012, and its headquarters are in Houston, Texas. Most interesting is that the Talos Energy has been serving for over 70 years, of which makes it have a great experience in the market.

The team members of the Talos Energy Company are so committed to their work, and they ensure that all people are well served, and they get what they need from the company. Its performance is remarkable as it has enabled the company to be leading in the oil and gas market by having a more significant market share. The company is always equipped with the right strategies to provide better and top quality services to its clients since it values all the stakeholders and shareholders of the company.