Securus Technologies- Number one provider of Crime prevention solutions

Securus Technologies is the number one provider of justice system solutions in the whole of North America. In the United States, Securus Technologies have set base in more than twelve thousand correctional facilities. In addition, their products are serving more than twelve million inmates all over North America. In coming up with their solutions, Securus Technologies have been working closely with the key players in the industry who include inmates, inmates families and local authorities on the factors that should be looked at when coming up with products.



In the last few years, Securus Technologies have filed over 100 patents all aimed at coming up with products that want to make the correctional facilities secure for all. At the top of their priorities is to come up with solutions that can make the inmates better citizens when their complete their terms. In total, Securus Technologies have over 288 patents. This is the highest number by any firm in the industry. This means that the firm have remained committed in coming up with as many products as possible. Of all the competitors in the industry, Securus Technologies have more patents by 112. This make them not only a regional leader but a global leader in this industry.



In their aim to make the prison environment secure, Secures Technologies have come up with a number of products that address issues such as; identification of calls with identical conversations, emergency calls in a controlled environment, detection of unidentified calls in correctional facility environments, systems that can facilitate communication between family members and inmates, systems that can provide location based solutions deployment of services and finally systems that process inbound and outbound calls in controlled environment.



According to the CEO of Securus Technologies, there are over 300 software developers who work tirelessly to ensure that the firm develops the best products for their clients.



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