Agora Financial Helps Investors Spot Trends

Investors have a lot of resources when it comes to building a retirement portfolio. Agora Financial is one of those resources that can help a lot of investors. Many people that are trying to save for retirement or any other long-term goal will notice that a lot of the information that is found online can be a bit of an overload. Too many people are trying to give financial advice, and most of this just makes it even more confusing to discover the right stocks to invest in.

Agora Financial has a plethora of publications in place to make the investment process much easier. This is a company that has a large number of newsletters that are designed to change the way that people look at the investment process. Many people that have been going to multiple sources to engage in finding information on investing will discover that Agora Financial is the only resource that they need. This has become the company that has allowed people to get an inside track on those companies that are making it to the top while few people know about what these companies are capable of. It is during these times that investors can get in on the action and buy stocks at much cheaper prices. This really allows them to maximize their return on investment. This is what Agora Financial does. It allows people to maximize their financial investing.

Agora Financial is definitely helping investors that are looking for a variety of investment opportunities to add to their overall investment portfolio. Many people will discover that this is a company that is designed to help investors narrow down the stocks that will be the best growth stocks in a sea of investment choices. Agoura is the company that helps people discover trends early.

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End Citizens United Working Towards 2018 Elections

When discussing campaign finance reform, it is impossible to do so without mentioning the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The decision allowed for corporations to be treated as people and allows for special interest groups to contribute money to United States elections. As the corporate money is not possible to trace and does not have the same limits as private citizens, it is a decision that allowed for elections to be bought.


The group leading the charge to overturn this decision is End Citizens United. As of April 2017, the group has amassed more than $4 million for the year, and projects that going into the pivotal 2018 mid-term elections they will raise more than $35 million. This is a dramatic increase from the $25 million raised for the 2016 election cycle, which was the group’s first election season since being founded.


Over 40,000 people contributed for their first time to any Political Action Committee as part of the overall estimated 100,000 contributors to End Citizens United. With average giving around $12 per person, it is truly a grass roots effort for citizens to impact the way in which their government is run.


Tiffany Muller, the president and executive director of End Citizen’s United, states the group is focusing on helping champions of campaign-finance reform win elections in the House and Senate. She also states the primary reason most donors cite for giving is they feel the current political system to be unfairly biased against them, and that those “who can write the biggest checks get the biggest say. This is their way of fighting back.”


The Trump victory was a blow which the PAC is working to fight against. A recent benefactor of End Citizens United work is Democrat Candidate Jon Ossoff, running in his first election for a Georgia congressional seat. Ossoff surprised many political pundits by raising over $4 million in his campaign to win the April 18 special election to fill a then-Republican House seat in an Atlanta-based district recently left vacant by Tom Price accepting the position of Health and Human Services Secretary.


The group is also planning to back 2018 elections for Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana. Operating as a traditional Political Action Committee (instead of a Super PAC), the group is limited to receiving a maximum of $5000 per donor; End Citizens United ability to achieve the amount of fundraising it has accomplished has sparked renewed interest among other grassroots organizations devoted to campaign finance reform.



Why Should You Use NuoDB Cloud-Based Technologies for Storage Purposes

1) You can access your data with NuoDb Cloud-Based Technologies at any time. As long as you have some kind of internet connection, then you are good to go. You can access your information in the office, on the beach or just hanging out with some friends. The storage technologies make it seamless and easy to use.

2) You can share what you need to very easily. You do not need to jump through all the hoops you did in the past. The servers let other users access the same stuff while you are on it too. You do not need to “wait your turn”.

3) You can get everything you need either for free or at a very low cost. Some cannot afford to put out money for the NuoDb Cloud Technologies. They need to do it all on a very low budget. The NuoDb Technologies allow users to do this. At the most, users will not have to shell out more than $100 for accessing their information.

4) The NuoDB Cloud Technologies are safe and secure. The security and firewall feature alone makes it worth using.

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What you need to know about Kabbalah

Did you know that originally, kabbalah was thought t be so complicated that it could not be taught t anyone else apart from men who were at least 40 years of age? The main aim of these teachings, which have their origins in Judaism, is to try and explain the relationship between the unchanging, eternal and mysterious infinity and the universe as we know it. Most people have the misconception that Kabbalah religion, however, these teachings are not a religion, but are used by many religions.

Origins of Kabbalah

The origin of the teachings was within the Jewish tradition. This is why it is not uncommon to hear Kabbalists making use Jewish sources in their attempts to explain and make sense of esoteric teachings. It is however believed that Kabbalah may have existed even before all other world religions. As a matter of fact, it is believed to have formed the blueprint that formed creationist philosophies, political systems, religions and arts. Currently, the teachings are used by Judaists to try and explain the innermost meanings of the Hebrew bible and other rabbinic teachings.

Why kabbalah is a grossly misunderstood doctrine

This is probably one of the most misunderstood parts of Judaism. The misunderstandings started occurring when Christians, occultists, and mystics started defining the teachings warping them to fit their dogma. Recently, there have been people that try to use the teachings in activities such as tarot card reading, which distorts the true value of the teachings. The fact that celebrities are adopting this magic-like form distortion of the teachings does not make the case any better.

Is Kabbalah a belief in Magic?

Most people think of magic when they hear the word kabbalah. While it is true that the explanations original kabbalah gave about the universe and how it works contain some connection to magic, there is more to the explanations than that. There have been accounts of rabbis that performed acts that could be described as magic in the modern context. For instance, there was an account of one rabbi that created a man (golem) from clay and brought him to life by simply reciting the various names of God. While there may not be any evidence to show that this is no more than a legend, it is great to recognize that not all religions are willing to have faith as deep as the ones that adopt kabbalah related beliefs.

Changing the image of Kabbalah

The many misconceptions about the teachings are perhaps the reason why the true followers, rabbis and devout Judaists are coming up with Kabbalah centers around the world. These are non-profit organizations that provide courses about Zohar and other Kabbalistic teachings. The courses are available both online and through some of the regional centers that the founders have put up around the country. The headquarters of the school are in Los Angeles, California. There are other Kabbalah centers around the world, with another one being located in Europe.

About the founders

The founders kabbalah center are Philip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg. The two opened the center in 1984 and it has been growing ever since. The need to set the record straight about the true nature of the Kabbalistic teachings is what motivated the two to start the center. However, the original American center was founded in 1965 in New York City. This was after the death of the founder of the original center in Israel.

In order to understand the true nature of Kabbalah teachings, it is recommended that one familiarizes themselves with the center. If not able to get there physically, there are online classes that the centers offer. Their aim is to make sure that Kabbalah is used for its intended purpose only.

Doug Levitt Travels By Bus For “The Greyhound Diaries”

Few modern artists have shown such a dedication to the work they are creating as that shown by Doug Levitt to “The Greyhound Diaries”, a project that has been ongoing for more than a decade and has seen the former journalist and broadcaster travel by bus to various parts of the U.S. In recent years, the work conducted for “The Greyhound Diaries” has seen Doug Levitt asked to appear at various iconic locations across the country, including the Woody Guthrie Center and the Kennedy Center for the Arts; the influence of Woody Guthrie and his fellow 1930s artists has been easy to see in the work of Doug Levitt who sees the influence of the federally funded WPA broadcasts of “The Great Depression” as inspiration for his continued dedication to the project.


Doug Levitt is a thoroughly modern performer who has looked to many different avenues of media to get across the social points he is looking to make with this work that has a definite folk influence; Levitt has recently created a YouTube channel that is used to display the images and music created for the project. “The Greyhound Diaries” has seen Doug Levitt bring to light many of the stories of real life hardship caused by the 2008 economic slowdown, the effects of which Doug Levitt states are still being felt throughout many financially disaffected areas of the U.S.


Outside of the artistic work being created by Doug Levitt, the singer and performer has become a major campaigner for the rights of the disaffected across the U.S., including many homeless groups Levitt performs for when he travels to different areas of the nation. Before becoming involved in “The Greyhound Diaries”, Doug Levitt had been largely unaware of the problems facing members of society who were failing to be supported by many government agencies; born in Washington D.C. economic life was always something ignored by the residents of the U.S. capital who have rarely felt the effects of recession and economic troubles.

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Talos Energy and Mexico Strike a Deal for Drilling

Energy has always been big business in Mexico. More specifically, it’s been a monopoly for decades, restricting investment in this economic sector from private and foreign money. So when Talos Energy entered the market it rightly caused a stir in the global energy industry.

In 2015 the Mexican government announced that it was looking at ways to open the country up and invite more private investment. This was when Talos Energy, in partnership with Sierra Oil and Premiere Oil, decided to lobby Mexico’s leadership for first-drilling rights in its waters, challenging a standing policy concerning their energy resources. More than a year in negotiations, and a $16 million agreement later, Mexico eased its policy, in place since 1938, to allow Talos Energy to drill.

The lift of this investment ban has speculators in the energy industry talking. Some are already arguing that it could wind up being the biggest energy news story of the year, not just for what’s happening because of this deal but because of what it can make possible. If Talos Energy is successful in its drilling operation and can form a positive working relationship with the Mexican government, they may be more receptive to letting more players into the country. similarly, other countries that have kept foreign companies away from oil reserves may see this as an opportunity to question existing policies.

Talos Energy an its partners have been drilling in the Zama-1 well, just off the Sureste Basin, since early May of this year. Projections from the company put production at somewhere between 100 and 500 million barrels of crude oil. But they’ll only have 90 days to complete their drilling efforts.

About Talos Energy:

Talos Energy is an oil and gas company in Houston, Texas. Since 2012 Talos Energy has managed shelf and deep-water drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy continues to be a leader in offshore exploration, developing efforts to discover wells in unexplored waters. This intrepid business model has attracted new technologies and innovative methods in energy production. Becoming a leader in the energy industry has allowed Talos Energy to become a leader in oil and a welcome partner to many international economies.

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The Brown Agency Through Justice Brown’s Vision Builds Careers

The Brown agency just does not hire talent it builds careers for models and talent. The company’s Texas models work with some well-known brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, and L’oreal. They are also in demand gliding down the runways for Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week.

Wilhelmina Austin is a Model and Talent Agency which was launched in 2010 by Justin Brown. Brown merged Wilhelmina Austin, in the summer of 2015 with the Heyman Talent South Model and Talent Agency, and formed The Brown Agency. These combined agencies will result in The Brown Agency becoming a full-service agency, thus creating a new brand.

Michael B. Bonnée was the founder of the Heyman Talent-South founder. Heyman, as an acting agency, will offer its talent and develop the theatrical division of The Brown Agency. Bonnée helped to develop the careers of over 450 talented individuals.

Brown was a former model and, studied business management in college. His interests were in the arts and worked with model agencies in the area of development and placement. His job was to train young models and place them into the workforce. At the age of twenty-one, Brown placed close to twenty to thirty percent of the talent.

Justin Brown is thirty-five, and was born in Reno and grew up in Susanville, CA, just across the Nevada-California state line. As soon as Brown turned eighteen, he moved to Southern California. In 2005, Brown moved to Austin.

In 2008, he founded a full-service, JB Models and Talent. In 2010, JB was licensed by the well-known Wilhelmina national agency. His association with Wilhelmina put him in a position of participating in local fashion runway events.

The Brown Agency, as a commercial talent and modeling agency, has its corporate office in Austin, and offices in Dallas and Los Aneles. Justin Brown will head the new agency as its CEO and President. The models and talent of The Brown Agency will have expanded employment opportunities as a result of the merger. As a result, The Brown Agency is more competitive with the other Austin agencies.

The Brown Agency professionally educates new models to maximize success. The Agency offers classes and, like all agencies, it is regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission.

Justin Brown has experience in both Los Angeles and New York, and by educating, training and placing models, he legitimately offers his talent an opportunity to join the larger agencies on both coasts.

The Brown Agency receives twenty percent of all modeling employment, fifteen percent for non-union film, television, video and commercial work, and ten percent for industry union employment. Justice Brown has come a long way from washing golf carts. Visit



Beneful Healthy Food Commercials

The first commercial I watched was for Beneful healthy smile snacks. The owner gets really close to his dogs face and it looks like he’s inspecting the dogs food teeth as well as smelling his breathe. The narrator starts talking about how there is a new way to keep a dogs mouth clean. The dog looks really interested by what the narrator is saying. The camera then zooms in on packages of the healthy smile snacks. The man describes how the treats are ment to keep the dogs breathe fresh while also working as a reward at the same time.

The second commercial features Beneful healthy weight Beneful dry dog food. The owner is talking to his dog about how he is the one left with live handles while the dog is in great shape. He also talks about how great the healthy food taste. The ingredients fall down in front of the screen and the food is described as healthy wholesome and all natural. Some of those ingredients include vegetables and real chicken. The video then shows the owner running on a treadmill and doing push-ups while the dog sits idly by. The dog doesn’t have to workout at all because the food is already doing all the work.

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Traveling Vineyard – Why Join

So you need an additional income but you don’t know where to turn? The truth about making money as a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard is that they can really help provide you with another income, but it can be a bit scary to dive right in. There are some people who had some hesitation when they joined in. Here’s a few things you should know about why you should join the fun and become wine guide yourself.

You make money by selling the wine and receiving 35 percent of all the sales. You can also make money from your downline and inviting sellers, and then receiving a percentage of their sales. When you add in the bonuses from other things you accomplish as a seller, you can be earning some serous cash every single month.

The best part about working with the Traveling Vineyard is that they don’t want you having a home filled with wine. They do not want you stocking up on wine in your home. That is not the goal. You don’t need to sell a certain amount every single day either. You simply sell when you want to. This is the flexibility aspect coming into play, and this could be perfect for those of you looking to just make money when you need to.

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There are specific events you must attend for training, alongside training modules you should be going to, but other than that, you do not need to be working a certain or set time schedule. You have full fledged freedom to do whatever you choose to do. The costs to join and maintain your membership is also very low and provides you with a website for three straight months FREE. There are very minimal costs involved when you become a seller. The opportunities are endless as a seller.

You can be making good money, meeting good people, making new friends, and getting the chance to travel. Their events are always somewhere exotic and exciting. This is the company to work with if you want to make good money and open up to new possibilities.

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Governments and Scientists have an important role in improving lives

Scientists in India are developing new ways that allow citizens to gather information and upload it to the cloud to push stakeholders such as the government and corporations toward change. Dr. Clay Siegall, a scientist, shared an interesting article about it written by a reporter from India. Unlike writing letters or sending tweet pictures, this is a more active role to ensure that the government provides safe drinking water to all citizens in India by 2030. It also makes it easier for citizens to advocate for better environmental laws and for the government to collect data.

California Aid-In-Dying Law

Dr. Siegall also shares a report about the new California law that allows doctors to prescribe medicines that aid terminally ill patients take their lives. According to the article, although very few doctors oppose the ‘aid-in-dying’ law, several medics do not want to be called upon to give prescriptions. There is stigma attached to it, according to the piece. The medics are also not willing to follow extensive guidelines or have difficult talks with the patients. The process is complicated for them because doctors are trained to save lives. It is also tedious since it takes a lot of time. Notably, the report also shows that most patients don’t take drugs that are prescribed to end their lives.

About Dr Siegall

Clay Siegall is the president of Seattle Genetics, an organization that develops and commercializes therapies to be used in cancer treatment. Dr. Siegall led Seattle Genetics in coming up with antibody-drug conjugates and securing approval for ADCETRIS, an ADC product. He also convinced over 60 countries to approve the drug. To support this endeavor, Seattle Genetics has been able to raise more than a billion dollars from public and private sources.


Dr Siegal has contributed significantly to the cancer community. He founded the company to find a treatment for cancer patients. As a young boy, he saw his father fight and lose the battle to cancer. Because of this, he wanted to avail oncologists with improved tools to treat the cancer patients. According to him, that’s why he goes to work every day.