Talos Energy LLC a Leading Oils and Gas Company

Talos Energy LLC is based in Houston, and it’s about to procure Stone Energy Corporation via $ 1.9 billion which was announced through a press release. The two companies aim to merge and make their operations as one, and the trademark will be Talos Energy Inc. where they will operate in the New York Stock Exchange. As per the release, is that the deal between the two companies will come to an end late first or the early second quarter next year.

There is excellent significant that will be realized from the merger since the Talos will be able to achieve their goals easily and become a leading production company as stated by the CEO Timothy S. Duncan. The fact of the matter is that there will be a combination of talents as well as increased availability of enough resources that will enable the two companies to achieve their objectives.

The deal between the two seems to be so good because by the closure of that deal the stakeholders from Talos will have ownership of 63% of the company whereas the shareholders of Stone will get the remaining portion that is 37%. The Talos Energy Inc. estimates a gross of 1.2 million in the Gulf of Mexico. The projections show that the company will have a massive production of barrels of oil within the period of the deal.

Moreover, Mr. Duncan will serve as CEO of the Talos Energy Inc., and the other board members will comprise four from Stone and other six from the Talos. And the central office of the corporation will be based in Houston and other offices in Lafayette.

The Taylors Energy Company is leading in the development and production of oil and gas in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The Talos Energy was established back in the year 2012, and its headquarters are in Houston, Texas. Most interesting is that the Talos Energy has been serving for over 70 years, of which makes it have a great experience in the market.

The team members of the Talos Energy Company are so committed to their work, and they ensure that all people are well served, and they get what they need from the company. Its performance is remarkable as it has enabled the company to be leading in the oil and gas market by having a more significant market share. The company is always equipped with the right strategies to provide better and top quality services to its clients since it values all the stakeholders and shareholders of the company.

Meet Jordan Lindsey and the Current Trends in ICOs

Despite the likely evolution expected to transform the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the momentum set by the ICOs in 2017 is expected to go on into 2018. 2017 has been a successful year for the Initial Coins Offerings as all the ICOs launched over the year raised above five billion dollar shillings. This kind of momentum is set to go on into 2018 as a result of corporations like Microsoft embracing the blockchain technology and mainstream companies like Kik and Aptoide joining the ICO space.

Recently, there have been speculations all over about the future for ICOs, cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology. As a result of deep research, it has been found that ICO has five big trends for the coming year. These trends include new structures for pricing and bonuses, product finding through ICOs, wider ICO adoption, classical investors joining ICOs, and ICOs becoming more trustworthy.

Jordan Lindsey founded the Bitcoin Growth Bot and has also created the cryptocurrencies first totally transparent trading bot. Jordan is also the founder of the JCL Capital in San Francisco, California. He has a wide experience in the technology industry and financial services. Jordan Lindsey is a self-trained programmer and also works as system architecture. He is a graduate of St. Joseph’s College and also the Mount Angel Seminary. While in the line of duty, he has had the privilege to settle in several countries abroad including Mexico, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Argentina.

In a particular exclusive interview, Jordan Lindsey said that he is originally from New York where he was born and grew up. At a young age, he said he had a soft spot for sports, and mostly engaged in tennis and ice hockey. According to him, he had an entrepreneurship mind at a tender age and always dreamt of coming up with businesses and create many investment opportunities.

Jordan Lindsey added that his previous job was what made him learn to be a leader and be capable of running a team. According to him, for a team to be successful, trust and friction are mandatory as friction results to solutions and development of trust over a period of time.


Why go for eCigs: O2Pur Incredible Product

In today’s world, eCigs have become very popular and most people’s preference has been drawn towards them. The reasons for such a move is obvious. There are various benefits encountered with eCigs that every eCig user will attest to. One of the key things everyone using or intending to begin using these products needs to understand is highlighted in the article.

The first significant aspect is the attribute of saving money. Anyone desiring to save their money should run the new product by O2Pur known as eCigs. For the individuals desiring to get into vaping, saving any extra coin while taking care of value is key. The fact is that the price of eCigs grows more reasonable each passing day and this is a result of the effort of O2Pur, a reputable company in the production of eCigs. They are very affordable compared to the vaping value in the market. Secondly, another significant thing is the eCig starter kit which comes in handy for beginners. It comprises of all the pre-made bundles that entail every needful thing for a beginner in vaping. It requires no much effort to buy such or even use them.

The kit also avails a variety of eJuice flavors and styles that are in line with the customer’s interest and preferences in a subsidized price. It is an affirming way of getting quality gear especially when bought from a renowned company like O2Pur. Note that if you go for unreliable companies you will get unreliable products but going to reputable companies like O2Pur assures you of quality. Thirdly, eCigs are easily rechargeable. This is because of the fact that they are designed in a manner to be used in many occasions repeatedly.

Their price reflects the reusability and this is what makes the eCigs become unbeatable in the market. Every smoker will be keen to understand that saving cash is key and this is another way in that direction. Fourthly, battery length and charge time are other important elements for eCigs. They determine the duration that is needed to charge and how long it can be in use, which is measured in frequency and number of puffs. For a thrilling vaping experience, look nowhere else!

Graham Edwards Leads Telereal to New Heights

Before becoming the CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards earned a PhD in Economics at the University of Cambridge. He then went on to work at several important companies. For example, he worked at Merrill Lynch investment management, was the head of finance while working for BT group Plc’s property department, and served as Chief Investment Officer at Talisman global Asset Management. However, it was his position as the CEO of Telereal that Allowed him to play such a big part in the Merger of Telereal and Trillium.

Graham Edwards played an integral part in the formation of Telereal Trillium (Premiergazette). In 2001, he helped form Telereal through an agreement between Trillium and William Pears group. After the formation of the company, Edwards took over as CEO. Ian Ellis was serving as the CEO of Trillium at the time. The two of them stayed in close contact during this time; Telereal and Trillium even shared a building.

In 2009, Graham Edwards learned of the opportunity to acquire Trillium. He didn’t waste time and called Ellis to make Telereal’s interest in the company known. He then went on to lead the negotiations for the merger of Telereal and Trillium. The new company now manages properties worth around £6 billion and totaling 68 million square feet. A testament to the enormous scale of their investments, 1% of the United Kingdom’s workforce is housed by Telereal Trillium.

Since the merger, Telereal Trillium has been the recipient of several awards including Tomorrows People Award’s “Corporate Supporter of the Year” in 2016 and was named on Sunday Times Top Tracks 100 biggest Privately-Owned companies. However, it is Telereal Trillium’s passion for community that sets it apart. The company has been the recipient of the Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award, receiving the gold award 7 times and the platinum award 3 times, for it’s donation matching scheme which allows employees to donate to a charity of their choice while matching that donation up to £2500.


Jeff Aronin: The Voice Behind Paragon Biosciences Company’s Growth

Paragon Biosciences is an investor and incubator company that grows and builds companies in the line of biotechnology. Their focus is to address the needs of a patient, understand the science about the infection, and once that is done, they establish companies that will cater to the unmet needs of the patients. Through this, a successful drug development model is drawn helping in fast approval of significant medicines. Paragon Bioscience says that there are over 6,000 infections that have not found treatment, and that is why they are motivated to reducing the numbers. Jeff Aronin, the chairman and the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, says that they are solving problems that have been rendered unsolvable by many people in the industry. Some of the companies that Paragon Biosciences has developed over time include Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals under the innovative biotechnological companies and they are developing therapies for patients who have rare dermatologic conditions. Harmony Biosciences is the other company that focuses on innovative drugs in meeting the needs of patients with sleep and central nervous system problems. Decade Company is focused on research and development for Alzheimer’s disease. Finally, the Precision BP treat and researches oncology infections.

Jeff Aronin has remained the chief executive officer for Paragon Biosciences since 2010. He founded the company in the year 2009. Alongside Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin serves as a special advisor for Merrick Ventures (https://www.jeffaronin.com/). He as well-founded Lundbeck Inc. in 2000 where he was the chief executive officer. Jeff Aronin has an MBA from DePaul University and a BS from Northern Illinois University.

Jeff has great experience in running most of the global pharmaceutical companies with extensive skills in finance, brand marketing, and business development. He is one of the rich people in wisdom, experience and knowledge in leadership that is necessary for each day management and the movement of a global company. Jeff is not limited to skills since he strongly structures and executes strategies for corporate transactions such as the mergers and acquisitions. This is all the companies need to make a big step in the market world regardless of the sector and specialization. With fruitful efforts, Jeff has been in a position to create transformation in the medical world more so in research and drug development industry.

Check Jeff Aronin’s (LinkedIn) account.


The Chainsmokers Adapt A New Style For Their New Album

The Chainsmokers have emerged as an international sensation, and have gone beyond topping the charts to become a well-known name in the industry. Even though the duo, comprising of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, has been in the limelight for over three years, it feels like their presence on the music scene has been more prevalent than ever.

The Chainsmokers made their debut back in 2015 with their song Roses, The song became an instant party hit and was being played in clubs across the world. The duo quickly rose to popularity with the song, and then went on to release a number of other chart-topping hits. Their iconic and electrifying music coupled with their ability to connect with their fans is one of the many things that has made The Chainsmokers the well-known music act that they are today.

One of the reasons why The Chainsmokers has grown in popularity so much over the years is because of their ability to evolve with their listeners. Back when the duo first started releasing their music online, The Chainsmokers released music that spoke about love, loss and all the things that were prevalent to the audience that they were targeting their music too. With their most recent album, The Chainsmokers decided to take on a new approach to the music that they were making, coming out with an album that gave their audience a glimpse into the darker side of things.

Andrew Pall and Alex Taggert have repeatedly emphasized that their music is a reflection of the experiences that they have had and the lives that they lead. One of their most recent songs that the duo released was Sick Boy, which talks about the situation that today’s youth are in and the political standings that govern our society. Fans were taken aback when the song was released, and eagerly awaited the release of the new album of The Chainsmokers that takes on a different approach as compared to the music that they were previously known to put out.

Even though The Chainsmokers have only released a few songs from their latest album, there is no denying that the fanfare behind this new music style is prevalent and something that is going to take the world by storm.


Dr. Dov Rand Develops An Integrative New Weight Loss Method

As a bioidentical hormone specialist, Dr. Dov Rand is interested in integrating supplements with lifestyle changes to help patients improve their lives. Using IV nutrient treatments and alternative therapies, Dr. Rand helps his patients achieve their weight loss goals and hopes to reverse the effects of aging. His methods are intended to fight disease and stave off illness, but also to restore a higher level of vitality and an overall improved sense of wellbeing to each individual (https://www.zocdoc.com/doctor/dov-rand-md).

Treating patients at the Healthy Medical Center, Dr. Dov Rand has effectively treated patients with his methods, helping them resolve a number of conditions. For menopausal women, for instance, Dr. Rand’s individualized therapies have helped to reduce the occurrences of hot flashes, weight gain, and mood swings, while helping to improve mental clarity and eliminate feelings of anxiety. In male patients, as well, Dr. Rand has helped reduce the development and severity of muscle atrophy, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, memory loss, and insomnia.

Dr. Dov Rand has also developed his HCG Diet Plan, which incorporates a unique hormone found in women during pregnancy. This hormone nourishes the fetus, but administered to adults who are dieting can help stop degeneration of muscle tissue. In addition to this supplement, the HCG Diet Plan requires a very low calorie intake. This helps the diet to produces results much faster than many other weight loss plans.

The HCG hormone therapy helps patients eat less without feeling hungrier, which helps reduce cheating between meals. The reduced feelings of hunger are especially helpful to people who have already tried restrictive calorie diets unsuccessfully. The hormone, called human chorionic gonadotropin, helps people lose more weight sooner, even where weight loss has been problematic in the past.

Dr. Dov Rand recognizes the weight management problems people face, especially in America. Food is available everywhere in the United States and healthy eating alternatives are harder to come by, so most people eat high sugar, high fat diets that promote weight gain. Dr. Rand can help his patients alter their lifestyles, so they won’t gain their weight back after going off of the HCG Diet Plan. By integrating better choices with his hormone treatments Dr. Rand is helping people live healthier, as well as helping them get thinner.


Glen Wakeman: A Profession of Financial Literacy

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and teacher when it comes down to how to actually succeed in business, especially if the mentioned business is a struggling start up independent company in survival mode (https://www.dreamfunded.com/team/glen-wakeman). Glen Wakeman lived in six different countries, worked in over thirty countries, and put in well over twenty years of his life in General Electric. He has changed businesses for the better which affected over seventeen thousand employees, and allocated about fifteen billion in assets (Affiliatedork). His course of material when it comes down to showing people how to strive and succeed in the business world is most importantly becoming a better leader, and then applying the lessons of leadership to the workplace in order to start seeing some real growth happening in the new found industry. His platform LaunchPad Holdings LLC is where Glen Wakeman usually does his financial mentoring, meaning people who need help come to Glen and he goes through the tactics and studies to help his clientele understand how to win in the game of life, whether it be through gaining adequate capital, or expanding their executive branch. Glen gleans his understanding from personal experience, as the worst job Glen Wakeman ever held was when he needed capital to pay off college fees, and thus took up a temporary position as a cleaner for the bathrooms at an automobile factory. He knows how hard it could be for an idea to be manifested into an actualized reality, and that’s why he inspires so many budding capitalists through LaunchPad Holdings LLC which he founded. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme that worked for Glen Wakeman, but instead it was a step by step overall process which ultimately led to the momentum of his progress. He states that his main reason for getting results was his constant demand for excellence, which he has proven by his outstanding records.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: A strange take on American Affairs

There has been criticism of some political ideology in the U.S. leaning towards parts of fascist trends, and Sean Penn has looked to express this idea in his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. In interviews with Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, and Vogue Magazine, Penn pushes his new book which has been labeled strange, unconventional, and lacking a formal plot. Penn tells Noah that the book looks at “the dark nature of humans” in which when exporting democracy to other countries it can easily fall to fascism. He feels that this could be occurring in the U.S. and has created Bob Honey as a metaphor for this. Bob, explained in the interview, is an angry American, who loathes his ex-wife, and during his free time goes on mallet wielding sprees, in which he murders older citizens. He justifies this killing, because these people are standing in the way of progress.

Though the story is a satire, Bob witnesses many current events, like the election of 2016. He also towards the end of the story writes an angry letter to the U.S. President, whom he feels is not fit for such a position. If this connection isn’t eery enough, Penn says to Vogue that the plot is in a parallel plain to the #METOO movement in its sentiment. Penn tells Noah that Bob is supposed to resemble the American who is compelled to serve his country, but has no direction. In a Vogue interview, Penn says his inspiration for Bob Honey Who Just do stuff was the Parkland survivors.

Aside from the story, Penn discusses in the interviews his hiatus from acting, and his reasons for writing this novel. He first discusses his anger with Trump over his racist comments towards countries like Haiti. He also discusses his unlikely friendship with Hugo Chavez, and how he feels that democracy isn’t always the best fit for a country. He even discusses his hatred for the war on drugs “that has killed almost as many as in Syria,” and how the interview with El Chapo was necessary. From the Daily Show studios, and his couch in Los Angeles, Penn gives a compelling case for his reasons in writing this strange book.

Read the NYT review here:


Buy the book on Amazon here.


David Giertz Says Undervaluing Employees Lead To Dissatisfaction

David Giertz says his mother gave him the best advice he could have ever received while he was in high school: “Work hard, be positive, and learn something new everyday.” Giertz says he has always taken that advice to heart, and it’s the primary reason for his success.

Giertz has worked for years in the financial services industry. While president at Nationwide Financial, he was responsible for helping the division grow from $11 billion to $17.8 billion. Before Nationwide, he worked as a Financial Adviser with Citibank. He moved up to Executive Sales Director then on to Executive Vice President of Sales.

When asked about an idea that has come to fruition. David Giertz answered referring to some of the things he’s seen while working in the corporate world. He noticed that many top performers at several companies were departing. Through exit interviews he found it wasn’t due to the money but rather being undervalued and feeling unappreciated.

He implemented a plan where 20% of the top performers were brought in twice a year to provide information and feedback on what the company was doing wrong and what worked. He found that it helped boost morale and gave executives a means to work more closely with their staff. In the end, it lowered the turnover rate contributed to employee satisfaction.

He says his typical day is never the same. He organizes his day based on anticipated challenges. Customer needs and how he can implement solutions is of the utmost importance. He says he also uses a significant amount of time answering emails and speaking to his staff. He always keeps the lines of communication open.

Overall, David Giertz says he’s found that bringing in the right people to have around you promotes success. He says he will continue to live by the advice his mom gave him. So far, it’s brought him a lot of good luck.