Drew Madden Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT mogul who is enthusiastic about forming high performing teams, exceptional and smart company ethos, and accountable client relationships. In 2010, Drew joined Nordic Consulting Partners as the Executive Vice President. He later became the President from 2011 to 2016. As the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, his responsibilities included business expansion, enrolling, and consulting procedures. He was also responsible for sustaining a good relationship with 150 clients across the country. During his term at Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew nurtured 10 to 725 workers, 3 to 150 client associates, and $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 in yearly profits.

Drew Madden began his healthcare IT career as an Integration Consultant at Cerner Corporation. He spent four years implementing inpatient clinical applications at two major hospitals in Chicago. In 2006 -2010, Drew joined Healthia Consulting as a Senior Epic consultant where his responsibilities included performing epic inpatient applications in hospitals throughout Midwest and procuring accreditation in Willow, inpatient medicine orders, inpatient process orders, and clinical records. He was also a Regional Sales Director at Ingenix Consulting from 2009-2010. His responsibilities were developing business and sales and Allscripts consulting practices in Midwest.

Currently, Drew Madden is the Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company delivers quality healthcare IT proficiency to its associates across the state in an exceptional way. The staff has excellent experience and believes that being passionate offers the right prospect on preferences, objectives, and expertise hence creating a strong foundation for a long-term partnership. Evergreen Healthcare is focused on implementation and providing advisory services for various EHR platforms and particular healthcare expertise. Its objective is to enable team members to nurture their calling as they collaborate with other healthcare establishments.

Mr. Madden is a holder of a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering. He also majored in Medical Systems from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering.

White Shark Media Is Able to Increase Leads By 360 Percent

White Shark Media is a Google Premier Partner that offers PPC and other digital marketing management services. They are a Bing Ads Elite Small Business Partner. They are on the Inc 5000 list, where they are listed among the top one thousand fastest growing companies.

They focus entirely on improving your bottom line and bringing in more sales for you until your return on investment improves. For that to happen, they will constantly track your results using tools such as an ecommerce tracking software and a PPC calling tracking tool so that they can figure out what is working when it comes to getting more sales and leads from the ads that you are running on Google and Bing. They have a dedicated team of experts who will be on hand to work with you one on one until you are doing fine.

For example, one law firm saw a three hundred and sixty percent increase when it came to receiving quality calls. This is despite the fact that the legal industry is extremely competitive. In case you were wondering, that firm not just increased their leads, but saw a return on investment as well. White Shark Media brought a dentist that was earning zero dollars to earning one and a half million dollars a year. White Shark Media was able to work with the dentist in their very first year in order to create a stunning PPC campaign that made the dentist very successful.

White Shark Media was started in 2011. It was created by three marketers from Europe. They have lots of experience in both online and offline marketing. They became one of only twenty nine Google Adwords Premier SMB Partners in the United States. The first client that they had is still an active customer and a huge fan.

The man who makes future technology predictions, Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a man that is renowned for his future predictions and passion for technology. He uses his knowledge and earned skills in the technology department to predict the future outcomes of different industries when it comes to technology. Jason strongly believes that the Internet of Things will change people’s perspective on a lot of things. The Internet of Things, IoT, will play a great role as more and more devices become connected to each other. He goes ahead and gives advice, to the business owners and entrepreneurs looking to stay in business, that they should embrace the growing technology if they aim at staying in market for a long period of time. Jason views technology as the future.

Recently Jason predicted what the Internet of Things was going to do in the business sector across the world. Other than the fact that people are now using the IoT for basic things such as tracking fitness and checking the weather patterns to plan holidays and what to wear, the IoT is expected to grow exponentially in the business industry. People in business should be very keen to grow their businesses technologically as people further engage in the use of technologically advanced equipment and gadgets. Jason shared that the amount of data that is available for people by the IoT is enormous. He, however, acknowledges that people have not maximized the use of this data. He predicts that in the future, this data will be taken into deeper consideration when business decisions have to be made. This will ensure that people are conversant with what the Internet of Things has to offer and they are likely to embrace it further in analysis and decision making processes.

According to Jason, the use of electronic printing has been embraced by some businesses. This enables the businesses to maintain sole ownership of the businesses as they monitor their market performance. A good example is some glass companies that print their names on the glasses instead of using paper to identify products. More and more companies will be picking up this type of smart labeling. The manufacturing and health care providers will not be left out when the IoT takes over efficiency. More devices that are connected will be put into place to make work fast and efficient. As time moves by, Jason says that it will be an interesting endeavor to see how connected technology will keep growing in different areas of life. Whether it is analysis, storage or research, the IoT will come in handy to make work easy and efficient.

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Eli Gershkovitch Contributions to the Craft Beer

Craft beer is the most popular drink in Canada. Its popularity has made its sales grow and even double since 2009 despite the overall beer sales lying flat since 1995. Canadian IPAs and Canadian Stout top the list of the best Craft beer in Canada.

Canadian IPAs.

This is an England traditionally brewed Canadian Craft beer. The different varieties include the Imperial IPA and the Red Racer IPA. The Imperial IPA from the Garrison Brewing Company beer is famous for its zesty bitter flavors. It also has a fruity aroma that leaves you having a citrus aftertaste. The Red Racer IPA from the Central City Breweries has won several awards for its high quality and intense hops flavor and a durable tang. This beer also has the best accompaniment to spicy foods. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Canadian Stouts

This includes the St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and the Black Coal Stout. The St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from Brasserie McAuslan Brewery is a blend of roasted malts and chocolate notes. To top it up, it has a thick and creamy head. The Black Coal Stout from the Railway City Brewing Company is a roasted coffee dominated flavored beer with an additional chocolate flavor. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on twitter.com.

About Eli Gershkovitch

Born on 4th July 1975, Eli Gershkovitch is Steamworks Brewery`s CEO. Besides, he is a lawyer and pilot. Eli’s efforts and contributions in Canada`s Craft beer industry are highly recognized.

In 1987, Eli Gershkovitch graduated from the University of Toronto Law School. After his graduation, Eli tasted the Belgian Beer. It is from this first taste that Eli got his passion for Craft beer and began his research on the Craft beer businesses.

Working on liquor licenses, Eli gained familiarity with the licensing rules, making it easier for him to start his own business. By 1995, his efforts in opening his Steamworks Brew Pub received rewards. Steamworks Brew Pub began by producing six Crafts beer. By 1995, Eli’s pub was producing between 15 and 17 beers per annum making it a successful brewery. Today, Steamworks brews are available throughout Canada and in 14 states in the US.

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Talkspace to the Rescue

When an app has managed to get 500,000 people to sign up and try out services it must be a popular app. Talkspace is the app that had managed to do this so far, and this is a sure sign of rapid growth. It is evidence that the world of text based therapy has an audience that is willing to participate in this type of communication.

Many people want to know how they can sign up to become a licensed therapist. This is one of the reasons that some people check out the website. Others want to know how they get help from a therapist. This is a New York company that has put this app in place, and it appears to be one of the best for those that may have issues with things like depression and stress related issues with family or work. So many people are struggling with issues like this and there are more than 1500 licensed therapists to help with these issues.

Nicole Amesbury, Chad Crawford, Steve Bisson and Matt Lawson are just a few of the many therapists that people can get matched with to help with their problems. People that sign up for this can get a one time initial face to face chat session. After this people can do a text session from that point on. It is a good idea that have this text communication because it is the thing that helps people improve their lives even if they have never had a desire to go to a therapist.

There are a large number of people that are going to depend on this of app to get some help for different issues that occur in their lives. Sometimes there is a divorce while others may have a death in the family.

Glen Wakeman, an Entrepreneur Passionate of Business Development

Glen Wakeman is a zealous American entrepreneur, a business executive as well as a mentor. Wakeman has a solid background in finance and has run a successful career as an entrepreneur. His passion for assisting new entrepreneurs has seen him develop software for business models. Throughout his executive career, Glen has gained international recognition for his contribution to business development and innovation.

Glen has had business operations in 30 regions and lived in six different countries. Currently, he resides in Fort Lauderdale Area, Miami. Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton where he graduated in 1981 with Bachelors of Science (Economics and Finance). Also, he participated in the University of Chicago for an MBA in Finance in 1993. Visit Glen Wakeman’s profile at Linkedin.


Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Founded in 2015 in Miami, LaunchPad Holdings deals with start-ups entrepreneurs providing online business model services. It designs software platform that makes business planning simpler. The company guides and enables the entrepreneurs to improve their performance by adopting guided approach thereby having adequate liquidity and a clear plan.

Wakeman began his career at GE Capital in December 1985 as the business development director. At GE Capital, Wakeman was recognized by the Board of Directors as a role model in Growth Leadership. In August 2006, he became the CEO and the president of Doral Financial Corporation and later appointed the chairman. In May 2015, Glen founded and became the Principal of an advisory firm, Nova Four. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on twitter.com.

Glen Wakeman has dedicated his career in, inspiring, assisting and guiding new and start-ups business M&A, divestitures, leadership, exponential growth and much more. He shares his entrepreneurial insight through writing and blogging. Some of the issues he has contributed on relate to management and administration, corporate management, emerging markets, and global money markets.

Also, he has mentored and advised several C-Level executives. Wakeman advises on capital raising, international financing platform, and angel investing. His guidance utilizes his methodology in five key areas that include governance, human capital, execution, risk management, and leadership. His performance methods are proven to be accurate. Currently, he is the counsel of Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees companies.

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Focus on David McDonald and the OSI Group

International companies operate locally in nature. An organization like OSI Group with branches and facilities spread out in Europe, China and the United States cannot purport to employ a one-size-fits-all procedure. There are different factors like government regulations, talent pools and cultural nuances that affect how a company operates in a different country. David McDonald, the president of OSI Group emphasized the need for a global company to have an international network but operate locally. OSI Group operates globally but it has a local management team in each country, which understands the local tastes and cultures better.

OSI Group

OSI Group is a global leader in the food industry with its headquarters based in Aurora. The company deals in the supply of value-added protein products like beef patties and sausage links. It also supplies other products like pizza, sauces and sandwiches to top retail and food service brands. The group runs over 50 facilities based in 17 countries and relies on its global-efficiency and local-solution strategy in its business expansion in China.

OSI has been operating in China for the last 20 years and has grown with its growing economy. Currently, it runs eight facilities and has two more coming up, which will make it the largest supplier of poultry in China. It announced that it was building a further processing plant in China’s Henan province. It also entered into a joint-venture agreement with DOYOO Group in Zhoukou to form DaOSI, which will be the third incorporated poultry operation in China. From the China operations, OSI serves clients like Yum, McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s, Saizeriya and Burger King.

David McDonald stated that China was a real focus for OSI Group due to a number of reasons associated with the country. He revealed that China continues being the biggest rising consumer market worldwide. China does not only have population power but also it is becoming more affluent. The group has a number of customers based in China who are experiencing great growth at the moment and they want to keep growing with them.

Increased Plant Production

Apart from its expansion in China, OSI Group also announced or expanded seven other facilities in the world. It launched new processing plants in Poland, Madanapalle in India, Geneva and Hungary. The group partners with its customers on product development.

About David McDonald

1. McDonald is the COO and president of OSI Group. He was once the chair of the North American Meat Institute and currently sits on its Board. He holds an Animal Science degree and is an autonomous director at the Marfrig Global Foods S.A.

Learn More: www.bloomberg.com/profiles/people/17665897-david-mcdonald

Julia Jackson Hopes to Bring Good Work Ethic to The Family Business

Julia JacksonOne thing that certain people are trying to bring back are the days when people worked and were reliable. One of these people that are trying to encourage and inspire good work ethic in others is wine maker Julia Jackson. For one thing, good work ethic is not necessarily born, but it is taught. This is one thing that Julia Jackson has learned when she was working with her family in gathering the grapes in the hot summer sun. She has learned the value of hard work and that nothing that is worthwhile is going to be easy to attain. She has taken this lesson with her everywhere and is hoping to encourage others to take a similar approach.These days, many people are trying to demand a lot for very little. The days of rights and protest has done some good for certain people.

Julia JacksonHowever, it has also brought forth a culture of self-entitled people who would rather demand that they get something and be catered to as opposed to putting in the work so that they can eventually earn something. Julia Jackson herself has learned that it is a waste of time to seek handouts. The better thing to do for people who want something out of life is to work.Julia Jackson has brought her work ethic all the way through education and has now joined one of the wineries in order to share this type of ethic. Given that she is very passionate about wine, she has her dream job which adds to the enjoyment she has in working for the company. When people enjoy what they do, they are more likely to put in more work for the company. Julia Jackson wants to bring forth an example of people who want to actually earn their paycheck and enjoy their work.

David Giertz Shares Important Advice on Retirement Planning

Many people who retire early do so without proper financial planning. David Giertz, one of the top financial advisors in the industry, recently gave an interview in which he shared some tips about planning for retirement. Here are some of its main points:

Securing Financial Stability

Saving enough money for retirement is never an easy task. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s rather difficult to figure out how much you’re going to need to cover your entire retirement period. If you do the math, you may determine that the money you save may not be enough, which is why you should take a look at other income opportunities available to you to ensure a fully financially stable retirement.

Making the Right Investments

Investment can definitely be your ticket to financial freedom, but David Giertz strongly recommends that you consider how you go about doing it before starting. According to him, the best way to ensure financial security during retirement is to complement your savings with a brokerage account. By doing so, you’ll get access to the markets and will get a lot of flexibility in terms of how much you invest and when you withdraw your money.

Giertz also advises people to consider putting any extra cash they have in a health savings account. Even though this type of account can only be used for medical expenses, it can be highly valuable during your retirement. As people get older, they tend to spend more on their health care. In fact, a retired couple can spend up to $275,000 on health care costs during their retirement.

David Giertz is widely regarded as one of the top financial advisors in the United States. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, he has worked with many individuals to help them achieve their financial goals.

He regularly shares tips and advice with the public, allowing people to gain a better understanding of which savings and investment strategies are the most likely to work for them. He regularly gets interviewed by some of the nation’s top media outlets, especially on the topic of retirement planning.

Sentient AI Improves Business through Ecommerce Personalization

Sentient AI continues to revolutionize the e-commerce business subsector through some of its latest innovations. A notable one is the Ecommerce Personalization that enables businesses to enhance customer experience and improve retention. The Artificial Intelligence software offers huge benefits to the users that aid business success.


Thanks to the e-commerce personalization software, companies are now able to tailor whatever they show their customers. When a client visits the site, he/she will only see products and services customized to match their needs. This improves their shopping experience creating the desire to come back whenever in need. The Sentient AI software does this by collecting data on what the client mostly look for on the internet and present it to him/her.


Through the software, retailers and online stores are able to sell more. This is because Sentient AI has made it easy for them to access intelligent algorithms and use it to their advantage. The intelligent algorithm presents business with vast data that they can use to impress each of their potential consumers. The application allows business to create an updated profile of each of their potential customers by collecting information various sources including online purchase history, and social media platforms.


Ecommerce personalization does not only create an interactive customer shopping experience but also presents accurate, unified and coordinated experience. The software has the ability to gather a wide range of information, regardless of the device the consumer is using. This in turn builds a relevant presentation for quick access of desired products and services.


With the number of internet users constantly on the rise, many companies have actually embraced the technique. Reputable global brands and big online stores continue to benefit from the Sentient AI’s ecommerce revolution. The product does not only help business increase sales but also to create a competitive advantage in the industry.


Sentient Technologies


It is an Artificial Intelligence company headquartered in San Francisco, United States. The Company was co-founded by Antoine Blondeau and Baba Hodjat in 2007. Sentient AI has since grown to become one of the leading AI firms in the world. It centers its focus on ecommerce and online content.


Since its inception, the company has developed unique business tools including Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend. Sentient Aware is the force behind revolutionized e-business while Sentient Ascend presents limitless conversion rate optimization. The company continues to work tirelessly in its bid to positively incorporate technology in changing the world.