David Mcdonald Steers OSI Group to Greater Heights

There are several food production companies out there, right? OSI Group is one of the most famous options. Although the headquarters are situated in Aurora, Illinois, its products are enjoyed in different parts of the world. OSI focuses on the production of food items rich in proteins. The company is under the management of David McDonald (the president) as well as CEO Sheldon Lavin.

Under the management Sheldon and McDonald, OSI Group has made a number of acquisitions in Europe. It made one of its greatest achievements when it acquired Boho Food in 2016. Boho Food is the producer of convenience foods, snacks, as well as deli meat. David G. McDonald noted that acquisition of Boho Food will make OSI more famous in Europe.

Turi Foods and OSI International Foods (Australia) merges

OSI International Foods and Turi Foods (a company based in Australia) have merged to form Turosi Pty Ltd. Turi Foods and OSI are confident that the joint ownership will help the two organizations share experience to create a more effective food solution group.

David McDonald emphasized that bringing the two companies together is a great achievement. It will enable them to serve their customers in efficient and new innovative ways. It will also increase chances of flourishing together in the new exhilarating organization, Turosi.

Expansion of OSI Food solutions Spain

OSI Food Solutions Spain is located in Toledo, Spain. It has recently improved its capacity to process chicken. Nowadays, it can produce up to 24000 tons of products (chicken) every year. In total, the company is now able to produce 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken products. The OSI President, David McDonald said that expansion will not only enhance its portfolio or items, but it will also encourage the growth of food service as well as retail account services.

Who is David McDonald?

He is the President as well as the Chief Operating Officer at the OSI Group, LLC. In the past, he held a top position at North American Meat Institute. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute. He studied at Iowa State University where he specialized in Animal Science.

McDonald has been working hard to modernize the OSI Group’s operations to improve its sustainability. For instance, the modern equipment installed at Toledo plant has helped in lowering the energy consumption of the company by about 20%. McDonald has also demonstrated that the company cares for the environment.

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Adam Milstein Discusses Rising Anti-semitism On College Campuses

Anti-Semitism incidents are increasing on college campuses, according to Adam Milstein. 15 college campus student governments passed resolutions against the Jewish state of Israel. Another 15 actively considered passing resolutions. The University of California at Los Angeles passed a boycott resolution that had an overwhelming majority. That is just one example of the many that were passed and considered.

Jewish students and organizations are also feeling the brunt of the rising anti-semitism on college campuses, states Adam Milstein in the Times of Israel. Stanford University had a Jewish student running for student government that was insulted and harassed for her background and support for the Jewish state. UCLA also had a student harassed because of her Jewish background. Anti-Semites there questioned her loyalty to the United States and accused her of being loyal only to Israel. The most disturbing case of anti-Semitism involves a Jewish fraternity group called AEPI, reports Adam Milstein. Their fraternity houses have been vandalized all across the country.

Anti-Semites are not only fellow students on college campuses. Some professors openly espouse anti-semitic and anti-Israeli views. One professor was correctly fired for his vile anti-semitic postings on social media. This same professor was then invited to a Middle East conference by fellow scholars. His anti-semitic rantings there received applause and cheer. This is a warning that anti-semitism is becoming dangerously acceptable and politically correct, says Milstein.

The way to stamp out the surge of anti-semitism is to fight back. Pro-Israel activists must not only fight against the lies and hate, but they must also take the offensive. This means that they must proactively expose the lies that anti-Semites try to propagate on college campuses, in classrooms, and in the media.

The battle against groups such as the Students for Justice in Palestine is a difficult one. These groups hide behind a cloak of human rights. They claim to be for Palestinian human rights and freedom. In reality, they support the destruction of Israel and ally themselves with terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Adam Milstein is leading a group called the Campus Maccabees. It involves Jewish philanthropists, student groups and other non-profits that support the state of Israel. By cooperating together, these groups can form a formidable coalition that can proactively defeat the forces of anti-Semitism that are seeing a resurgence on our campuses.


Jeff Aronin’s Paragon Biosciences Helps People Live Longer And Healthier

Paragon Biosciences led by Jeff Aronin is more than just an investment firm, they support biotech companies that use technology to help people live longer and healthier lives. Their unique approach has resulted in 13 new life-saving medications, leaving many to wonder just how they do it. Paragon Biosciences has a three step process that helps them bring the most promising innovations to those in need.

First, they focus on a problem. They look at those illnesses where patient need is at an all-time high. They also consider the unavailability of treatment, because they want to provide solutions where there seems little promise from other sources (Crunchbase). In looking at these conditions, the company researches how the illnesses affect patients and what the medical community is currently doing to treat them.

Next, Paragon Biosciences builds a company around the need for a solution to the particular disease. That means investing resources in researchers, but it also means formulating a business model that will be sustainable for investors. Each company is managed by a team comprised of healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs from the biotech field. This helps to ensure researcher proposals are viable for the company to pursue.

Finally, the new company gets to work on a cure or treatment. They employ state of the art technology and the latest scientific advances to come up with new treatments for the illness that is the company’s focus. This is how Paragon brings innovative new treatments to some of the most destructive diseases facing today’s society.


Jeff Aronin is the Man Behind the Vision

Since 2010, it has been Jeff Aronin at the helm of Paragon Biosciences. He currently serves as both the company’s chairman and CEO, positions he has held for the past eight years. Prior to that, Jeff founded his own biopharmaceutical company, Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc., in 2000. Mr. Aronin served as the president and chief executive officer of that company for nine years, before taking his position with Paragon.

Jeff’s experience has given him an edge that compliments Paragon’s vision. In addition to possessing a keen eye for financial investments and a talent for brand marketing, Aronin is experienced in developing promising strategies for business development. That collection of expertise helps Mr. Aronin recognize the most promising projects for Paragon to undertake. Under Jeff Aronin’s leadership, Paragon continues to create promising new biotech companies that promise hopeful new treatments to some of the world’s most perplexing illnesses.

Best Reasons to Start Investing Early

Even though many young people are feeling the crunch of rising costs of living, increased education costs, and job opportunities harder and harder to come by, the fact of the matter is the best time for individuals to start investing is as soon as possible. Investing isn’t the most important thing in life, just like money isn’t the most important thing in life. That being said, if you can get control of your finances and investments early on in your career, everything else seems to work out a lot easier. Chris Linkas knows this, and that’s exactly why his motto and his battle cry has been to start educating yourself about investing as soon as possible and make your money work for you instead of the other way around.


Right Investment

Chris Linkas is not necessarily someone who got lucky, other than in the sense that a light went off at some point and it all clicked for him. Some of the richest people in the world are able to be rich simply because of investments. And, while the path of investing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is absolutely one where putting more money away and more money to work for you is something that historically has always equated to life-changing value in the medium-to-long term.


Start Investing

Chris Linkas goes on to point out some of the easiest ways and methods to start investing, and how even buying your first stock is an experience that gives you confidence and understanding to continue down the path. By investing young you aren’t risking a significant portion of your portfolio. If you make a mistake you only lose a few dollars. And, while no investors wants to make the wrong decision, a teenager losing fifty or one hundred dollars is a lot better than a frantic twenty or thirty-year-old making mistakes and costing themselves thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

The path of investing is filled with wins and losses, but the individual who can tread it lightly and with patience will always reach their destination. That is exactly why Chris Linkas is so passionate about investors start as soon and as young as possible.

Excellent Service Delivery at Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital has proven itself to public companies. It provides financial solutions and support to all the clients. After the firm has comprehended the issue at hand, it formulates an innovative strategy to address the issue. Clients are always thrilled to be a part of a company that resolves their financial matters. Due to the diligence and dedication from Southridge Capital, the firm has attracted diverse clients from different areas.


The success of this company is mainly from the team of professional executives. They have offered the company significant leadership and expertise. From their previous work experience and qualifications, these executives came to Southridge Capital and created a pool of talents. Together with other team players in the company, it is how Southridge Capital delivers to their clients.

Since the company was established, it has financed more than two hundred and fifty public companies. So far, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion. Although Southridge is not discriminatory, it is interested in growing companies. Such companies need support, especially in financing to help them thrive. You can visit southridge.com to see more.


Growing companies also have numerous risks and challenges they are always addressing. When Southridge Capital is involved with such a company, it is keen on these risks. Specific experts are brought in to advice on mitigating these risks and helping the company. Working along with companies has established a close working relationship between Southridge Capital and their clients. Each party is loyal and trusts the other.

Southridge offers a myriad of services to clients. In some instances, the services are not formally listed by the company. The company can handle financial needs or advice in similar areas. As long as a client needs a custom-made solution, Southridge Capital does not mind about bureaucracy and norms. This approach enables the company to fasten lengthy processes and efficiently deliver to the clients. To see more you can visit southridge.com



All clients are relevant and valuable to the company. Their satisfaction is the priority, and Southridge Capital will do anything practical to achieve that. The corporate culture at Southridge is healthy and has taken the company far. The determination and resilience will continue to move Southridge Capital forward and accomplish great things.



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Waiakea Water Benefits

Water is one of the most precious commodities that we cannot live without. Nutritionists advise that it is crucial to consume approximately eight glasses of water in a day. Many people do not consume this much water, and it is one of the leading causes of dehydration in their bodies. Others consume even more than this amount of water. However, what matters most is what kind of water than one drinks. Some water from untrusted sources may end up causing the body more harm than good. Waiakea Water is one of the latest brands in the market that has been lately making headlines due to its nutritional benefits to the

consumer’s body.

Different parameters determine water quality. These include turbidity and pH. Of the two factors pH is the most crucial in determining the usefulness of the water to the body. Acidic water has a pH of about zero to close to seven. Alkaline water, on the other hand, has a pH of about eight to fourteen. Waiakea Water is slightly alkaline with a pH of 8.8. This alkaline pH is one of the primary reason why many consumers opt to take Waiakea Water. A basic pH is very helpful in detoxifying the body.

The CEO of the company that produces this healthy water brand is called Ryan Emmons. Emmons grew up is an area that was cool and had trees surrounding her home. This made him develop an intense liking for the environment. One time he visited a clean natural water source, and this is where he got the idea of developing Waiakea Water. Giving customers healthy water provides personal fulfillment for Mr. Emmons as this has been his longstanding ambition for many years.

Waiakea is derived from a Hawaii volcanic water source. In fact, it has been dubbed by many as the first Hawaiian volcanic water that undergoes special filtration before bottling. This filtration occurs when the water seeps through a 14,000 feet volcanic rock. The other thing that makes Waiakea Water unique is that there is constant replenishing of its source from the continuous raining that happens all year round. The alkalinity of the water is derived from the seepage through the volcanic rocks of Mauna Loa. The volcanic water benefits are innumerable, and this is the brand that offers you clean water to keep your bones and teeth healthy always.


Wisdom For Military And Civilians Alike

Taxes and death are the only 2 things in life that are pretty much guaranteed. Beyond that, not much can be totally counted on. That said, in the United States in particular, no matter how many hawkish comments and warnings are issued regularly about the lack of liquidity of the Social Security program, people still seem to think it is just going to be there. They are upset about having paid into something for so many years, and yet be told their investment is not going to pay off.


It was a very good step, however, that united Veterans United Network published an article discussing how important it is, for civilians and military alike, to start as young as possible planning for retirement. The more funds one has at an earlier age, the more comfortable they will be taking risks at a time in their lives when risk-taking is appropriate as accentuated by Chris Linkas too.


Along the road, any one of a number of things can happen, from catastrophic health event, to sidelining accidents, and the more funds one has invested, and growing, the more they can feel that they have some safety going forward stressed by Chris Linkas. In this article, they also discuss the importance of creating safety by investing early and the value of compounding interest (https://angel.co/chris-linkas). This is a key point to consider because interest on interest, achieved through compounding interest, is perhaps the greatest byproduct of investing their ever might be.


Once a person sees their retirement savings start to grow, they will quickly see their spending habits improve also as focused by Chris Linkas. It is natural to start to consider if you really need that purchase, or would you prefer to see your retirement nest egg grow. Also, the more investing done young as emphasized by Chris Linkas, the more ahead of the crowd a person can become. Your personal financial situation can only be made better and better by starting your investing early.


Finally, everything gets better under the aegis of early investing, and in particular, one’s quality of life is improved discussed by Chris Linkas. Those investing in their retirement just feel safer in this world and feel like no matter what life throws at them, they can handle it. That kind of security is not easy to achieve, but alas it is entirely achievable.


Jason Hope — a Skillful Futurist and Software Tech Expert

Nowadays, most of our businesses rely on the fast-changing technology that helps us plan and manage an excellent guideline for the best services, software, and hardware savings. Jason Hope is a skillful futurist and software-tech expert having a wealth of knowledge how this science will change the world. His past insight and technological predictions have been a benefit to the success of many businesses.

Besides, entrepreneur Jason Hope has a reputation for getting the attention of business leaders. Mr. Hope is an exceptional technology leader who has been successful as a consultant for several years. The Arizona-found businessperson sees it as fulfillment to take part in improving his community’s wellness. Not only that, but Hope’s view is also significant for the progress of technology for companies in the future and more.

Thus, Hope is foreseeing how technology will strengthen the daily life of humanity. Throughout the time the tech entrepreneur devoted at Arizona State University, he was already concentrating on a diverse base of areas in development. Jason Hope used his received MBA in finance with a degree to prosper in directing a more significant interaction in the service of technology.

The software technician’s entrepreneurial tasks in the research included desktop software, smartphone applications, gaming software and the further advancement of other devices as well. In fact, the skillful futurist imagines the designs of latest tools that will provide industries, companies, and consumers the use of the Internet. Hope called this the Internet of Things (IOT) which would be precious for the online businesses’ future technology.

Also, the Arizona native fixed on ways to give back to his community and to make the world better for human life. Therefore, as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope widened his wish in anti-aging. The futurist looks at the possibilities in technology and how it can transition between various industries. Another one of Hope’s futuristic tags is researching a path to slow down the pace of aging.

Now, as an investor, Hope made a half-million dollar contribution to support the SENS Foundation, which is a nonprofit group set up in California. The establishment is at work in coming up with an all-inclusive program to handle age-related diseases. The organization’s purpose is to develop a breakthrough in human medicine and discover the best approach to people’s primary challenge of growing old – including the related diseases.

The business world accepts Jason Hope with many titles, and he involves himself in politics at times. Undeniably, his interest in technology has always been reliable. So, enjoying the role of a philanthropist, futurist, and an investor has put him in a setting to do much more, even in the medical community concerned with aging.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Upwork: Time Management Skills

If you ask any highly successful individual what they believe is one of the most powerful tools they have used to achieve their success they will most likely tell you that developing proper time management skills have been crucial. This is an incredibly vague answer and leaves many individuals questioning how to develop these time management skills. One of the most effective ways to better manage your time is through the use of to-do lists. You have more than likely heard of a to-do list and you may have even created a few yourself. However, it is all too common that an individual does not know how to use a to-do list in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Upwork has created a post on their blog where they discuss techniques and skills that you can use in order to take advantage of your to-do list more efficiently. Upwork is one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. They use the Internet in order to connect freelance professionals and businesses that require their services. In total, they facilitate around $1 billion worth of these transactions each year.

Upwork has stated that in order to make the most out of your task list you should write it in advance. Instead of rushing to create your to-do list in the morning before you begin working you should instead create it the night before. In the process of creating your task list, you should put every possible item on it. Whenever you have finished putting every single thing that you can think of on your task list you can then go through and begin the process of delegating the tasks.

To do this more efficiently you should first go through and organize the items that are on your list. Organize them by their priority level in the amount of focus and energy that they will require in order to complete. You can then complete the highest priority and most energy-intensive items on the list first whenever you are fresh for the day. The remaining items on the list you can then reevaluate and decide where to go from there.


The Right Lens to View The World According to Vijay Eswaran

When looking for innovative advice, the right person to get advice from is Vijay Eswaran. He has a lot to say that will change the way people think about their lives and the world at large. One aspect of life that Vijay advises people on is the lens to view the world through. It is important for people to find the right lens to look at their lives through. Pretty much everyone looks at life from a lens whether they believe it or not. One example of a lens is a positive lens. This is where people have faith that they can bring changes to their world.

One area of life that Vijay Eswaran talks about a lens to look through is fear. Many people try to avoid fear and discomfort. However, one thing that they need to realize is that these are unavoidable aspects of life. Another thing they should realize is that it is important for people to put themselves in areas of life where they are uncomfortable so that they can build the type of life they want. Vijat Eswaran himself faces fear and discomfort on a regular basis given that he is a business owner. As a matter of fact, while people may believe that he is one of the most comfortable people, he is in fact one of the people that is facing the most discomfort because of being a business owner.

Fortunately, there has been a lot of advancements in technology which allows people to be successful without dealing with extreme discomfort. Social media allows people the opportunity to market themselves without actually having to do too much work in putting themselves out there. They can work from the convenience and comfort of where they are. Vijay Eswaran himself enjoys the mediums he uses for marketing.