NewsWatch TV Offers Consumer Reviews and More

NewsWatch TV is privately owned by Bridge Communications but publicly present online, and such major media outlets as the ION Network and the AMC Network, respectively. NewsWatch in the USA may be seen in over 200 major markets and in households numbering in the millions. It offers news from the world of travel, technology, health and consumerism. One such category noted online is called AppWatch.

This features short articles concerning technology gadgetry to be released or just released for games or mobile devices used by the general public. An entertainment section discusses changes pertaining to media accessed for general entertainment by the public. Furthermore, company contact information is offered at its website.

A recent video review, 1 minute duration, was produced and featured by NewsWatch TV for the Contour Ultimate Work Station. The video features a female narrator describing the ergonomic wireless work station and its components. These include the roller mouse, the tilt angle keyboard and the roller legs. In the display, the viewer can visually note the specific features and dimensions of the Contour ergonomic work station from the demonstration behind the narration.

The product market manager attributes the significant spike in sales enjoyed after the video was issued to the excellent quality and detail given by its NewsWatch producers. The video was also targeted to US audiences felt to seek improvement in their work conditions. It noted over 650,000 impressions online for viewership. Satisfaction clearly appears ensured by all concerned from the product manufacturer, to commercial producers at NewsWatch TV, to satisfied customers purchasing the Contour ergonomic work station.

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