New Software From Securus Technologies Is Making Headway In Illegal Cell Phone Usage

More inmates are resorting to the use of illegal cellphones to conduct questionable activities on the other side of prison bars. Case in point, 9 month old Kendarius Edwards was fatally shot while in his mothers arms. It turned out to be three inmates who were in prison. These men had a disagreement with Kendarius Edwards’s uncle and decided to send the uncle a horrible message.


Or take the story of Mr. Robert Johnson. Mr. Johnson was a corrections officer in a South Carolina penal system working to stop contraband from entering his facility. Robert stopped a valuable piece of contraband from entering the prison, costing the inmate about $50,000.00. Two weeks later, Mr. Johnson’s front door was kicked in and he and Robert struggled to live after he was shot six times in the stomach/chest area. Mr. Roberts died on the table twice before finally pulling through. Overall Mr. Johnson has had a total of 23 surgeries and lives with the pain everyday. The attempt on his life was made by an inmate in the prison he was working with an illegal cell phone. Now, Robert Johnson works with the “Wireless Containment System” (WCS) that has been developed by Securus Technologies.


The WCS works just like a cell phone network. in fact, the WCS works with other carrier networks and is undetectable by the inmate. Any phone call can be detected by the Securus operator as coming from an unauthorized cell phone within the facility. Once captured, the operator can do what they want with the trapped signal. So far Securus’ new technology has stopped 1.7 million total illegal phone calls from taking place in a total of eight facilities. President and CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith has stated that the company has made a 40 million dollar investment into the research and development of the WCS and feels confident that the technology will be refined even more over time.


Securus Technologies specializes in safety and security systems in over 3500 facilities across the nation. To read more about this new product, please click here.

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