Lime Crime ‘s Latest New Product Line For Hair Coloring

Lime Crime is a unique brand that definitely provides people with the best makeup on the market today. What makes the brand so successful is the fact that countless people love what the brand stands for, which is to believe oneself and to project a positive outlook by expressing oneself through the beauty of makeup. They are now trying to reach out to more people and project another image of taking that personality and bringing it to your hair. The new line, Unicorn Hair Dye, is becoming the next biggest thing from the brand. After more than three years in the making, the products are here and ready for purchase. They can give you the perfect beautiful hair that you’ve been looking for, and the best part is that they have so many colors to choose from.


Unicorn Hair Dye is available in 13 different shades, and every single one pops and dazzles with a unique design and sense of beauty. It’s so well designed that they even made sure it was healthy for the hair. It is completely ammonia and bleach-free, so your hair is free from all dangerous chemicals that will only damage your hair in the future. Another great thing is that they beautifully fall onto your hair and even nicely fades away. Gone are the days where you buy hair dye that just breaks your hair down negatively. The key is to use this product line because they will slowly disappear and the quality will remain even as the hair dye begins to fade from your strands.


Lime Crime worked hard in the last three years to help create a product line like this one to give it that picture perfect and top quality product that would be perfect for all kinds of hair possible.


Lime Crime is very well respected in the makeup industry and eventually will be in the world of hair care. They want to stand out and be one of the few brands out there that give their biggest clients what they want and the top quality they need to have the best possible hair.

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