LGBT- Support through Song


For quite a few years the Hip Hop and Rap industry has had a reputation for not being too supportive to the LGBT community. Well now it seems as if the tables are turning, with some of todays top Hip Hop artists taking a very vocal stand point to defend and support the LGBT movement, beyond just being some of the best dressed rappers.

2010 was a big year for Nicki Minaj and the gay community. First she headlined for the Atlanta Black Gay Pride Festival. Then later that year on live television, she stood up to try to end the mistreating of all LGBT youth. In 2015 a bisexual rapper by the name of Angel Haze announced being agender and openly supports the gay community throw Twitter.

A more recent artist in the Hip Hop world has emerged, Khalif Diouf , an openly LGBT rapper from New York. He has released an ample amount of music addressing the concerns of racial injustice, sexual identity issues and the rights of the transgender community.

It is phenomenal to see the support the Hip Hop industry is now giving to the LGBT community and it supporters, after they have had this negative stigma about them for so long. Maybe just maybe we are starting to see the thinking of the past finally fading away.

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