Ian King Reveals How The Financial Crisis Helped Him Predict The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Today, Ian King is considered an expert in the area of cryptocurrency. In fact, that’s the sole reason Banyan Hill Publishing recruited him to write for them. Of course, Ian’s career had another focus early on with his first position at the mortgage company Salomon Brothers. King moved on to work in the Citigroup credit department a few years later and followed that up by taking a position as a hedge fund manager at Peahi Capital. That career path was derailed, when the financial crisis hit and Ian recognized a bold new investment opportunity on the horizon. Read more at Talk Markets.

Ian King Predicted the Birth of Cryptocurrency

After the financial crisis hit, forcing the Federal Reserve to drop interest rates down to zero, Ian says he knew then that things were changing. While he didn’t specifically anticipate the cryptocurrency craze, he did expect some form of digital money to rise from the ruins. Even in 2012, Ian King recalls seeing early precursors to today’s cryptocurrency.

He recalls meeting with the head of a start-up in Silicon Valley that wanted to create a form of digital money that central banks would back and distribute. Since the value of this e-currency was determined by the bank issuing it, it still wasn’t on the same level as today’s cryptocurrency market, but it began the ball rolling. Ian says he could see the potential, offering a financial product that could eliminate the red tape and time involved in dealing with traditional money. Follow Ian King at stocktwits.com.

Cryptocurrency Will Change the Face of Investing

As cryptocurrency evolved and gained in popularity, Ian King says its use has also begun to change. While it’s still used as a form of digital money, he says there’s a trend to view it as more of a maturing asset than a firm of currency. He predicts that people will begin investing in cryptocurrency, just as they would buy rare coins or invest in precious metals.

Additionally, new entrepreneurs are entering the market every day, seeking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency craze. Even those who have already made millions on cryptocurrency are reinvesting their money and driving the market forward. King suggests we’re just beginning to see wealth dispersed among a broader group of investors, as more and more people are drawn to the cryptocurrency market. While some may fear this is leading to a bursting of the cryptocurrency bubble, Ian King sees something more promising. He suggests cryptocurrency is a growing opportunity for young entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to cash in on a promising new technology.

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