GoBuyside Uses Modern Technology And Trends To Recruit The Top Talent

The employment landscape has continued to evolve since the internet became popular during the 1990’s. There is no longer a need to call a talent recruitment agency to secure a local job. The methods used for talent recruitment have changed due to the information age. One of the executive search firms based in New York City is GoBuyside. They monitor the finance industry for job trends and are using a tech centric approach in regards to the recruitment of talent.

One of the current trends in the financial industry is the decentralization of positions. In 2015 there were 24 percent of all employed individuals doing all or some of their work while at home using the internet. The location has less meaning than in the past and the location used for job searches has become much broader. This means there are more applicants available. GoBuyside is using this increase to provide their firms with the highest quality applicants. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside is using this new flexability to ensure applicants exceed their firm’s expectations. Their searches provide more applicants but their screening process is responsible for the stellar hires. This is accomplished with programs and software on the cutting edge. They assemble information using social media sites including Facebook and LinkedIn. The applicants can no longer control the information they want employers to see and the tables have effectively turned. Employers can now see potential employees in real time.

Project oriented and part time positions are becoming the standard in the financial industry. GoBuyside is filling the need for short term hires with online job boards, applicant tracking systems and artificial intelligence. To fill these roles the applicants must have expertise in the specific type of project. These roles additionally provide applicants with the ability to pursue their abilities and talents.

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GoBuyside works with private equity firms, investment managers, hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies and advisory platforms. Applicants are given the opportunity to make a connection with firms all over the globe. They have full control of their search because they have eliminated the headhunters. GoBuyside stands out from other hiring platforms because they collect so many data points regarding the companies and people they work with. The recruits receive all the data and preparation materials regarding the firms they have applied to. GoBuyside has been instrumental in providing connection features, updates, confidential jobs and reviews for numerous individuals looking for a position. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

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