From Partner To Chairman; Scott Rocklage

A man that knows science, and uses it to the advantage of the American people: that is Scott Rocklage. Scott’s extensive background in chemistry has landed him in some of the most prestigious positions of the healthcare industry. He graduated from the University of California with a bachelor of science in chemistry, and later Scott went on to get his doctorate of philosophy in chemistry at MIT and conducted research under Richard Schrock who later went on to earn a Nobel Prize. Scott says he took great motivation from the people, peers, and educators at MIT and devotes much of his time to thanking and congratulating the school on such a successful network of programs for their students.


Scott Rocklage has over 100 peer-reviewed publications, and has over thirty patents in the United States. He has been in the healthcare industry from the beginning of his career, and now puts out top market pharmaceuticals that are FDA approved and safe. Scott has entered six drug candidates into clinical trials which is a huge feat for the pharmaceutical industry thus far. 5M Ventures is a company specializing in startup companies which Scott is a partner of. His sense for business and how to use it to bring success to others is exactly why he was accepted.


Being the generous and sacrificing person that he is, Scott and his wife Patty donated a portion of their personal profits to the renovation costs at MIT for their new nano-chemistry and nanotechnology building back in 2016. Scott was quoted saying that he and his wife donated the money, because they wanted to give back to MIT for all the school has done for them educationally, personally, and career-wise.

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