Flavio Maluf Invests in the Future of Brazil Through Eucatex



The world would be a better place with more environment-friendly companies like Eucatex. Eucatex is a modern technological company that deploys revolutionary materials to generate their products. One of their primary commodities is tiles. The company utilizes materials like eucalyptus for production. This is a unique wood and eco-friendly at the same time. Apart from that, Eucatex employs the use of various kinds of colors for final touches. The products the company produces are majorly home products. They also provide industrial goods. The firm has been around for over fifty years. It trades in the importation and exportation of goods. All the goods from Eucatex are environmentally friendly.




During the establishment of Eucatex, the world was sensitive to environmental safety. However, the same sensitivity was not taken into consideration by many industries. That is why in 1951, the company was founded when there was little to no environmental regulations to be observed. During its foundation, Eucatex grasped environmental knowledge and damages a production industry can cause to the environment. Having known how vital it was for manufacturers to consider environmental measures, the company capitalized on safety by using natural products for production. All their products are purely natural and environment-friendly. For Eucatex, it is vital for industries to consider the safety of human beings and animals during product production. That decision has not barred the company from harvesting maximum profits.




Since its inception, Flavio Maluf has been the president of Eucatex. His roles extend to monitoring production at all levels. Maluf extends his leadership skills to the company through slide share presentations. He is prominently known as a successful business professional in Brazil. His vast academic credentials from FAAP has contributed to his success and understanding of how to run the business. The same academic credentials gave him a competitive advantage in the world of business. Maluf’s experience in business ranks Eucatex a top business venture in Brazil. For business prospects, Maluf is one of the ideal role models. He has a personal blog for educating business professionals on matters concerning business. For years, he has been talking about how to elevate Brazil and its economy.

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