Daniel Taub – Israel Forms Alliances with Other Middle East Countries

Daniel Taub, Israel’s UK Ambassador, revealed that new alliances are being formed within the Middle East Region particularly between Israel and other countries to thwart the possible danger caused by the nuclear ambition of Iran, which has not been lessened as of late by the treaty between the world powers and Tehran.

Talking to The Independent, Daniel Taub confirmed Israel’s observation that the accord signed in Geneva on Sunday morning at 4 am will not be able to inhibit or slacken Iran’s desire from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

To put a stress on the situation, a national security team from Israel went to Washington to talk with officials from the United States to discuss the state of affairs regarding Iran’s nuclear aspiration. On the other hand, Shia coalitions from the Middle East recommended a cooperation between several Sunni nations including Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and Israel – all of which are apprehensive about the possibility of nuclear armament in Iran. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Ambassador Taub commented that such issues concern plenty of countries, and it’s an indication that when people, as well as nations, can put aside their disagreements and disputes they will be able to discern ideals that are common among them.

This is because basic strategic trepidations or fears are substantially aligned or associated with each other. And that point could be the reason to be able to forge a more profound and lasting relationship with each other.

When he was asked if such alliances or relationships could possibly exist, Daniel Taub replied that it seems changes in the Middle East are forcing numerous parties to choose options that they have not tried before.

And that such choices create unforeseen opportunities where the other countries in the Middle East view that Israel can be a teammate for things that they may need or like. And these are the parts of the Middle East that crave success and wealth. And since people are starting to make inquiries, there’s likelihood of forming some kind of partnership.

Although it came to be known that after the Geneva deal, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu had an angry phone conversation; and Washington was dealing directly with Tehran, Ambassador Daniel Taub is confident that the alliance between Israel and the West is still healthy.

However, Israel at present knows that she can count on likely allies who are closer to home than the United States when concerns about a nuclear Iran are raised.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

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