The Reason Manufactures Are Opting For cloud Based Solutions

More and more it seems that manufacturing businesses are becoming enamored with the benefits of cloud technology. These companies look to cloud technology to increase supply chain efficiency, improve on security capabilities and make identity management easier while saving on cost.

The Set Of Challenges

Manufacturing companies often encounter a unique set of challenges to solve in their day to day operations. One of the most important is maintaining an efficient supply chain. This can become a complex issue when companies work with many vendors. An example of this is the company Airbus, that works with nearly 8000 vendors in their supply chain. Vendor interaction can be a tedious process when dealing with outdated systems.

A second consideration is the handling of sensitive material. Companies have the responsibility of protecting a number of important documents like blueprints, financial forecasts, agreements with partners and the like. This problem is even more cumbersome for manufacturing businesses in lieu of published reports that manufacturing corporations are more likely to suffer phishing attacks than any other type of business.

Identity management is another set of problems in itself with manufacturing businesses because of the many partners, workers, and vendors sometimes working at different locations. This can cause the need for separate directors that can sometimes become difficult to manage.

OneLogin To The Rescue

Despite their complexities, each of the problems we discussed can be simplified and solved by cloud-based solutions offered by OneLogin. OneLogin offers a single sign-on authentification process for the management of identity and security. The OneLogin solutions come complete with over 5000 apps including Oracle and Office 365.

With OneLogin, employee apps are centralized in one location by a single password which contributes to worker production and saves IT department of dealing with problems of lost passwords.

OneLogin also solves the problem of employees attempting to access sensitive data outside the protective environment of company firewalls. The system takes into consideration a number of factors regarding an employee’s log-in attempt and will require additional authentication upon encountering anomalies in employee behavior.

To date, over 2000 companies of all sizes and from all over the world have chosen to entrust the safety of their web applications to OneLogin.