Jason Hope — a Skillful Futurist and Software Tech Expert

Nowadays, most of our businesses rely on the fast-changing technology that helps us plan and manage an excellent guideline for the best services, software, and hardware savings. Jason Hope is a skillful futurist and software-tech expert having a wealth of knowledge how this science will change the world. His past insight and technological predictions have been a benefit to the success of many businesses.

Besides, entrepreneur Jason Hope has a reputation for getting the attention of business leaders. Mr. Hope is an exceptional technology leader who has been successful as a consultant for several years. The Arizona-found businessperson sees it as fulfillment to take part in improving his community’s wellness. Not only that, but Hope’s view is also significant for the progress of technology for companies in the future and more.

Thus, Hope is foreseeing how technology will strengthen the daily life of humanity. Throughout the time the tech entrepreneur devoted at Arizona State University, he was already concentrating on a diverse base of areas in development. Jason Hope used his received MBA in finance with a degree to prosper in directing a more significant interaction in the service of technology.

The software technician’s entrepreneurial tasks in the research included desktop software, smartphone applications, gaming software and the further advancement of other devices as well. In fact, the skillful futurist imagines the designs of latest tools that will provide industries, companies, and consumers the use of the Internet. Hope called this the Internet of Things (IOT) which would be precious for the online businesses’ future technology.

Also, the Arizona native fixed on ways to give back to his community and to make the world better for human life. Therefore, as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jason Hope widened his wish in anti-aging. The futurist looks at the possibilities in technology and how it can transition between various industries. Another one of Hope’s futuristic tags is researching a path to slow down the pace of aging.

Now, as an investor, Hope made a half-million dollar contribution to support the SENS Foundation, which is a nonprofit group set up in California. The establishment is at work in coming up with an all-inclusive program to handle age-related diseases. The organization’s purpose is to develop a breakthrough in human medicine and discover the best approach to people’s primary challenge of growing old – including the related diseases.

The business world accepts Jason Hope with many titles, and he involves himself in politics at times. Undeniably, his interest in technology has always been reliable. So, enjoying the role of a philanthropist, futurist, and an investor has put him in a setting to do much more, even in the medical community concerned with aging.

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The man who makes future technology predictions, Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a man that is renowned for his future predictions and passion for technology. He uses his knowledge and earned skills in the technology department to predict the future outcomes of different industries when it comes to technology. Jason strongly believes that the Internet of Things will change people’s perspective on a lot of things. The Internet of Things, IoT, will play a great role as more and more devices become connected to each other. He goes ahead and gives advice, to the business owners and entrepreneurs looking to stay in business, that they should embrace the growing technology if they aim at staying in market for a long period of time. Jason views technology as the future.

Recently Jason predicted what the Internet of Things was going to do in the business sector across the world. Other than the fact that people are now using the IoT for basic things such as tracking fitness and checking the weather patterns to plan holidays and what to wear, the IoT is expected to grow exponentially in the business industry. People in business should be very keen to grow their businesses technologically as people further engage in the use of technologically advanced equipment and gadgets. Jason shared that the amount of data that is available for people by the IoT is enormous. He, however, acknowledges that people have not maximized the use of this data. He predicts that in the future, this data will be taken into deeper consideration when business decisions have to be made. This will ensure that people are conversant with what the Internet of Things has to offer and they are likely to embrace it further in analysis and decision making processes.

According to Jason, the use of electronic printing has been embraced by some businesses. This enables the businesses to maintain sole ownership of the businesses as they monitor their market performance. A good example is some glass companies that print their names on the glasses instead of using paper to identify products. More and more companies will be picking up this type of smart labeling. The manufacturing and health care providers will not be left out when the IoT takes over efficiency. More devices that are connected will be put into place to make work fast and efficient. As time moves by, Jason says that it will be an interesting endeavor to see how connected technology will keep growing in different areas of life. Whether it is analysis, storage or research, the IoT will come in handy to make work easy and efficient.

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Sentient AI Improves Business through Ecommerce Personalization

Sentient AI continues to revolutionize the e-commerce business subsector through some of its latest innovations. A notable one is the Ecommerce Personalization that enables businesses to enhance customer experience and improve retention. The Artificial Intelligence software offers huge benefits to the users that aid business success.


Thanks to the e-commerce personalization software, companies are now able to tailor whatever they show their customers. When a client visits the site, he/she will only see products and services customized to match their needs. This improves their shopping experience creating the desire to come back whenever in need. The Sentient AI software does this by collecting data on what the client mostly look for on the internet and present it to him/her.


Through the software, retailers and online stores are able to sell more. This is because Sentient AI has made it easy for them to access intelligent algorithms and use it to their advantage. The intelligent algorithm presents business with vast data that they can use to impress each of their potential consumers. The application allows business to create an updated profile of each of their potential customers by collecting information various sources including online purchase history, and social media platforms.


Ecommerce personalization does not only create an interactive customer shopping experience but also presents accurate, unified and coordinated experience. The software has the ability to gather a wide range of information, regardless of the device the consumer is using. This in turn builds a relevant presentation for quick access of desired products and services.


With the number of internet users constantly on the rise, many companies have actually embraced the technique. Reputable global brands and big online stores continue to benefit from the Sentient AI’s ecommerce revolution. The product does not only help business increase sales but also to create a competitive advantage in the industry.


Sentient Technologies


It is an Artificial Intelligence company headquartered in San Francisco, United States. The Company was co-founded by Antoine Blondeau and Baba Hodjat in 2007. Sentient AI has since grown to become one of the leading AI firms in the world. It centers its focus on ecommerce and online content.


Since its inception, the company has developed unique business tools including Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend. Sentient Aware is the force behind revolutionized e-business while Sentient Ascend presents limitless conversion rate optimization. The company continues to work tirelessly in its bid to positively incorporate technology in changing the world.

How Eric Pulier Manages His Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Roles

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and one of the most admired chief executive officer in the software and technology industry. He has worked so hard in his entire life to try and make impact in the world.

After his graduation in high school in 1984, Eric went on to his studies at Harvard University. In Harvard, Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and the American Literature. From Harvard, he joined the corporate world. Since then, he has focused his time and wealth try and help the disadvantaged in the society. These include the children and people suffering from terminal illness. He has focused his attention in technological advancements, and he is at the forefront of the industry.

While a student at Harvard, Pulier regularly wrote a regular content for the Harvard Crimson. He focused on different subjects with intent to create humor and insight. Eric Pulier later moved to Los Angeles. Here he founded an organization-People Doing Things- which focused its attention on offering innovations, inventions and technological advancements for the health and education sector in nation.

In 1994, Pulier formed the Digital Evolution, which acted as a Digital Evolution. In 1998, he was appointed by the presidential inaugural committee to finish the presidential technology exhibit. The show was called the “The Bridge to the Twenty-first Century,” the exhibit was displayed in Washington DC. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier click here.

Since then, Pulier has made a mark in the world of technology. He has founded, co-founded and funded over 15 companies in the technological field. From these companies, he has been able to mint a lot of money regarding profits and earnings. He is a frequent speaker who appears regularly on various public lectures. He also takes part in technological conferences. He is the current executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He has also rendered his services at the Clinton Global Initiative project.

Throughout his entire career, Pulier has shown that he cares for the less fortunate. He is involved in various philanthropic activities. The most known being the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The community participates in creating and funding an educational program for the people with Sclerosis.

Sawyer Howitt has All the Tools to Succeed as an Business Tycoon

The apple sure doesn’t fall far from the tree when talking about Sawyer Howitt. The young business tycoon is the son of David Howitt, founder of the Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group is a Portland based firm dedicated to providing business information to aspiring entrepreneurs and business startups. Meriwether is known around many business circles as one of the best business accelerators out there. With that being said, young Sawyer Howitt, as Project Manager at Meriwether Group, has the opportunity to bounce business ideas and strategies off other entrepreneurs on a daily basis. A luxury many upcoming entrepreneurs would love to be able to take advantage of just as he has.

Sawyer Howitt joined the company in 2015 and despite what many may think, his father didn’t just give him the position of Project Manager within the company. Sawyer’s first position held with the company was strategy analyst. It was as a strategy analyst that he had his first major success, developing RFID checking for retail enterprises. His RFID checkout solution was one of kind and has the potential to cause a shift in the nature of commerce. So through roughly two years of hard work and proving himself over and over again he was promoted into the position he has now.

Sawyer Howitt’s new role as project manager puts more pressure on him for two key reasons. First, he has more power and with more power comes more responsibility. And secondly, after his RFID checking breakthrough he now has expectations to live up to that he never had in the past.

However, no matter how tight the squeeze is on Sawyer Howitt, as long as he continues to work hard and think outside the box he will continue to find success. Plus is doesn’t hurt to have a well accomplished entrepreneur as a father you can go to for personal and business advice.

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