Clay Siegall and the Growth of Seattle Genetics

The common cold can be a frequent nesuance for many people, but it could have been much worse if it wasn’t for modern medicine and the advances in medical technologies. Human health and wellbeing have improved significantly in the modern technological age much thanks to the combined efforts of medical institues across the world. One such institution is the biotech company that Dr. Clay Siegall created.

Dr. Clay Siegall has been doing business for about a decade now. He established a biotech firm in 1998. The company is dedicated to helping bring about a new era in the fight against cancer and to aid oncologists in helping patients and save their lives.

Dr. Clay Siegall achieved a Ph. D. and then he moved on to embark on doing research at leading institutions. After several years of doing research, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to establish a startup as well. His company is based in Seattle which reflects in the name of the company- Seattle Genetics.

The biotech firm has been experiencing a lot of success and so it is on its way to becoming a big pharma. Dr. Clay Siegall established the company on the basis of human antibodies. The biotech firm works primarily with human antibodies and it even has a large statue of a human antibody cell in its main lobby. The function of these cells is to combat harmful cells and protect the wellbeing of our organism. Seattle Genetics directs human antibodies into their medication The drugs are meant for cancer patients whose cells are attacked by the cancerogenic ones. The human antibodies on the medication carry a toxin straight to the cancerogenic cell and poison it from within.

Up to date, Seattle Genetics is worth $10 billion. The company is growing in value as well as in product output. The company of Seattle Genetics directs large sums of money towards research which allows the expert of the company to expand their realms of research. The company of Seattle Genetics has been putting out patents and many of them have been approved by the FDA and are available nationally or globally.