Adam Milstein Discusses Rising Anti-semitism On College Campuses

Anti-Semitism incidents are increasing on college campuses, according to Adam Milstein. 15 college campus student governments passed resolutions against the Jewish state of Israel. Another 15 actively considered passing resolutions. The University of California at Los Angeles passed a boycott resolution that had an overwhelming majority. That is just one example of the many that were passed and considered.

Jewish students and organizations are also feeling the brunt of the rising anti-semitism on college campuses, states Adam Milstein in the Times of Israel. Stanford University had a Jewish student running for student government that was insulted and harassed for her background and support for the Jewish state. UCLA also had a student harassed because of her Jewish background. Anti-Semites there questioned her loyalty to the United States and accused her of being loyal only to Israel. The most disturbing case of anti-Semitism involves a Jewish fraternity group called AEPI, reports Adam Milstein. Their fraternity houses have been vandalized all across the country.

Anti-Semites are not only fellow students on college campuses. Some professors openly espouse anti-semitic and anti-Israeli views. One professor was correctly fired for his vile anti-semitic postings on social media. This same professor was then invited to a Middle East conference by fellow scholars. His anti-semitic rantings there received applause and cheer. This is a warning that anti-semitism is becoming dangerously acceptable and politically correct, says Milstein.

The way to stamp out the surge of anti-semitism is to fight back. Pro-Israel activists must not only fight against the lies and hate, but they must also take the offensive. This means that they must proactively expose the lies that anti-Semites try to propagate on college campuses, in classrooms, and in the media.

The battle against groups such as the Students for Justice in Palestine is a difficult one. These groups hide behind a cloak of human rights. They claim to be for Palestinian human rights and freedom. In reality, they support the destruction of Israel and ally themselves with terrorist groups such as Hamas.

Adam Milstein is leading a group called the Campus Maccabees. It involves Jewish philanthropists, student groups and other non-profits that support the state of Israel. By cooperating together, these groups can form a formidable coalition that can proactively defeat the forces of anti-Semitism that are seeing a resurgence on our campuses.

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