Top-tier End Citizens United Candidates

End Citizen’s United came about after the ruling of the Citzens United versus FEC court case. The United States supreme court ruling opened the door to “dark money” as the Chronicle Week website puts it. The ruling actually overturned parts of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act. Opponents of the act believe it makes it easier for lobbying groups to buy politicians.

Currently, End Citizens United supports candidates from either party who show their opposition to the current rules for campaign finance. The decision the supreme court handed down did not declare that corporations are people, as some critics of it believe. The principle comes from an older case, and it occurs as a footnote. Corporations are defined as fictitious persons so that they can form, own property, pay taxes, and be sued.

Finding candidates that conform to all of End Citizens United standards is not easy, as few candidates willingly refuse to take money from political action committees. Nevertheless, two candidates in the 2018 midterms have earned this honor. Beto O’Rourke and Randy Bryce earned the highest recommendation from End Citizens United. The former is even the first candidate challenging another candidate to be endorsed by the organization.

End Citizens United, which is itself a form of political action committee, does take donations. These donations do not go to candidates, nor are they used to promote candidates ECU endorses. Critics of the organization believe it works to hinder free speech. Supporters believe the organization prevents the people who can afford more from having more access to politicians. How to Reverse Citizens United.

The recent school shootings have also shed light on campaign finance laws. At least one sign protesting the school shooting in Parkland, Florida criticized Ted Cruz. More than one sign held by protester’s sign suggested that it should be harder to buy an AR-15 than it is to buy a politician.

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George Soros Helping Eliminate Racial Disparity In The Society Through Extensive Philanthropic Measures

George Soros is a man with a golden heart, and he has proven it time and again by giving to the deprived and helping the marginalized communities across the globe. He has been involved in the global politics indirectly for a long time, especially the political spectrum of United States. George Soros has been open about his support to the Democratic Party and is often seen funding the election campaigns of the Democrats.

George Soros believes that it is essential for the people to see the benefits that democracy provides and to move towards it rather than getting tangled in  capitalist ideology, which he believes has been taking over the world in the past few years. He says that totalitarianism is increasing, and examples of it can be seen in many different parts of the world today. George Soros sees it as a threat to humankind, and that is why he goes out of his way to support the organizations that back democratic ideals.

George Soros is not only known for his involvement in politics and how he pulls different strings in the political sphere to help put democracy first, but he is also a reputed philanthropist. The lifetime giving of George Soros is approximately over $12 Billion, which makes him one of the topmost philanthropists in the world today. He started his investment firm named Soros Management in 1973 and worked hard to make it a success that it is today. It has helped him earn massive fortune that George Soros believes is the single most significant factor that gives him the freedom to support the ideology he believes in and global political movements he feels for.

After he completed his studies in London, George Soros moved to the United States as he wanted to pursue his career in the field of finance. Even though he finished his graduation and post-grads in philosophy, George wanted to be a part of finance industry. It the determination that finally landed him a job in the merchant bank, and through his hard work and perseverance, he rose to the post of Vice President and then an Investment Fund Manager in a few years.

In the last Presidential Elections in the United States, George Soros supported Hillary Clinton for Presidency. It is because the thought process and the policies of Hillary Clinton coincided with that of George Soros, and it was opposite the case with the current President Donald Trump. George Soros believes that the society needs to be fair and equal and that the government should help the marginalized communities and there should be measures put in place to rehabilitate and develop them. George Soros says that the current administration is widening the gap between the people rather than building bridges and minorities are feeling outcast in their home country where they have lived for many decades. George Soros is not discouraged by the set back he received by the win of President Donald Trump, but continues to back the Democrats and widening his philanthropic network through his foundation, Open Society Foundation.

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