Cassio Audi Moves From Musician To Investment Expert At Sao Paulo University

The world of finance is often seen as one of the most conservative in the world but one top executive responsible for opening up the Brazilian financial markets to the investors of the world has a history, not in line with the majority of his colleagues. Cassio Audi is known for working at some of the world’s biggest investment companies and taking up a teaching role in the economics department of Sao Paulo University; prior to completing his studies at Sao Paulo University, Cassio Audi led a very different life as a drummer with one of the world’s leading heavy metal bands.


Viper was formed in 1985 in Sao Paulo through the members shared love of the iconic British heavy metal bands arriving in Brazil as part of the new-wave of music created in the U.K. Cassio Audi and his fellow bandmates in Viper had spent much of their lives living under the rule of the Brazilian dictatorship and felt the ability to express their freedom was offered in a positive way through the heavy metal music now being heard for the first time in parts of Brazil. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi and his fellow members of Viper developed a loyal following from early in their career as a band and set out to put their impressive musical skills on tape as quickly as possible. Cassio Audi is credited as the drummer on “The Killer Sword” demo recordings and the first studio album from Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Critics praised the musical abilities of the band before learning they were all still in their teenage years as Viper set out on a journey to reach iconic status on the Brazilian and global stage. In 1989, Cassio Audi decided the pull of a financial career was more attractive than pursuing his dreams of musical stardom and returned to his studies at Sao Paulo University. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Desiree Perez Goes into Negotiations with Live Nation over Jay-Z’s 360 Roc Nation Deal

Desiree Perez has long been Jay Z’s secret weapon for high risk ventures and negotiations. The master businesswoman has been responsible for some of the biggest deals for Hov’s corresponding corporations, like the OG Roca-fella records, and more modern Roc nation. Defying the stereotype of women in the Hip-hop world, and in the aggressive business oriented music industry itself, Desiree has become one of Sean Carter, and Roc Nation’s most integral assets. Though Perez has brokered many lucrative deals for Jay’s varying businesses, her skill and dedication have never more evident than while brokering recent renegotiations of Jay’s 10 year 360 deal between Roc Nation  Live Nation, ending in 2018.

Perez is no stranger to high tension negotiations, however. In 2015, Perez negotiated a twenty five million dollar deal with mobile giants Samsung to promote Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ tour, gaining the artist a platinum album on the release date, and Perez an inside spot in the singer’s inner circle. In fact, Desiree was the one who originally brokered the several billion dollar 360 deal with Live Nation in 2008. Meeting with the CEO of Universal Music Group recently, Carter and Perez’s moves have some speculating that the music giant may be in talks to purchase a share of Roc Nation following the end of the Live Nation deal.

As for confirmation of that, speculators will have to wait as UMG, Roc nation, Jay Z, and Perez are all remaining quiet for the moment. A UMG insider has stated that the corporation’s current deal with Jay and co. is fairly lucrative as is, and the company would be happy to do further work with the artist, but no talks of buying a stake in Roc Nation have arisen yet. Regardless of how the deal lands, Desiree Perez will undoubtedly be at the heart of any negotiations pertaining to Roc Nation’s future. The star player of so many of Sean Carter’s most profitable business decisions, Perez will surely continue to exhibit her talent for working out high stakes deals with precision, professionalism, and profitability for all sides. and Follow him