Freedom Checks For You

While working with a well-known financial expert, Matt Badiali found himself across the globe in the presence of mining and oil company CEOs. Placing himself at the forefront of his research whether it was on the drill rigs, exploring abandoned mines, or in the offices of the major oil companies, Matt relied on his first-hand experience to provide the data he used. Meeting with oilman T. Boone Pickens and presenting his findings to companies like Anadarko and Exxon Mobil led Matt to acquire some interesting information about MLPs and an investment opportunity that can change his life. Visit to know more.

MLPs, or Master Limited Partnerships, are the companies that, as Matt likes to call them. These 568 companies here in the United States primarily produce their revenue by the production, process and refining, transport, and storage of oil and gas here in the US.

90% of these companies income is paid out to investors either monthly or quarterly. Although they payout at least 90% to shareholders, because they are treated as a return of capital instead of income, investors do not have to pay income tax on them. As of 1987, Congress has legitimized the issues of these checks with the Statute 26-F.

Of course, there are some major investors that have cashed in like Lloyd Blankfein’s Goldman Sachs for more than 8.9 million or Hedge fund manager and presidential adviser, Robert Mercer with his 7.1 million dollar return, but I know you’re more interested in the average Joes that have taken advantage of this epic investment opportunity. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

People like 46-year-old Doug Smith of Joplin, Missouri. He is definitely ready to cash in his $24,075 Freedom Check. Lisa Luhrmann is a 57year old Tulsa Oklahoma resident over-joyed to cash $66,570 Freedom Check. Mike Reed out of Golden, Colorado is cashing his whopping $166,923 check. These are real people with real life-changing dividends headed their way. These people can expect to receive freedom checks like this every 3 months. Matt Badiali can show you how to become a recipient of life-changing “Freedom Checks” as well.