David Giertz Says Undervaluing Employees Lead To Dissatisfaction

David Giertz says his mother gave him the best advice he could have ever received while he was in high school: “Work hard, be positive, and learn something new everyday.” Giertz says he has always taken that advice to heart, and it’s the primary reason for his success.

Giertz has worked for years in the financial services industry. While president at Nationwide Financial, he was responsible for helping the division grow from $11 billion to $17.8 billion. Before Nationwide, he worked as a Financial Adviser with Citibank. He moved up to Executive Sales Director then on to Executive Vice President of Sales.

When asked about an idea that has come to fruition. David Giertz answered referring to some of the things he’s seen while working in the corporate world. He noticed that many top performers at several companies were departing. Through exit interviews he found it wasn’t due to the money but rather being undervalued and feeling unappreciated.

He implemented a plan where 20% of the top performers were brought in twice a year to provide information and feedback on what the company was doing wrong and what worked. He found that it helped boost morale and gave executives a means to work more closely with their staff. In the end, it lowered the turnover rate contributed to employee satisfaction.

He says his typical day is never the same. He organizes his day based on anticipated challenges. Customer needs and how he can implement solutions is of the utmost importance. He says he also uses a significant amount of time answering emails and speaking to his staff. He always keeps the lines of communication open.

Overall, David Giertz says he’s found that bringing in the right people to have around you promotes success. He says he will continue to live by the advice his mom gave him. So far, it’s brought him a lot of good luck.