The man who makes future technology predictions, Jason Hope

Jason Hope, a man that is renowned for his future predictions and passion for technology. He uses his knowledge and earned skills in the technology department to predict the future outcomes of different industries when it comes to technology. Jason strongly believes that the Internet of Things will change people’s perspective on a lot of things. The Internet of Things, IoT, will play a great role as more and more devices become connected to each other. He goes ahead and gives advice, to the business owners and entrepreneurs looking to stay in business, that they should embrace the growing technology if they aim at staying in market for a long period of time. Jason views technology as the future.

Recently Jason predicted what the Internet of Things was going to do in the business sector across the world. Other than the fact that people are now using the IoT for basic things such as tracking fitness and checking the weather patterns to plan holidays and what to wear, the IoT is expected to grow exponentially in the business industry. People in business should be very keen to grow their businesses technologically as people further engage in the use of technologically advanced equipment and gadgets. Jason shared that the amount of data that is available for people by the IoT is enormous. He, however, acknowledges that people have not maximized the use of this data. He predicts that in the future, this data will be taken into deeper consideration when business decisions have to be made. This will ensure that people are conversant with what the Internet of Things has to offer and they are likely to embrace it further in analysis and decision making processes.

According to Jason, the use of electronic printing has been embraced by some businesses. This enables the businesses to maintain sole ownership of the businesses as they monitor their market performance. A good example is some glass companies that print their names on the glasses instead of using paper to identify products. More and more companies will be picking up this type of smart labeling. The manufacturing and health care providers will not be left out when the IoT takes over efficiency. More devices that are connected will be put into place to make work fast and efficient. As time moves by, Jason says that it will be an interesting endeavor to see how connected technology will keep growing in different areas of life. Whether it is analysis, storage or research, the IoT will come in handy to make work easy and efficient.

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Getting over one’s insecurities for business success; Josh Verne

There are many people who believe that success in business is something that can be done. However, only about 5 percent of the population has made it to own over 95 percent of the world’s assets. The truth of the matter is that even those who have succeeded have done so because they understood the value of getting out of the comfort zone, doing away with the limitations of their own mind and just going for their entrepreneurial dreams. Below are some wisdom nuggets that Josh Verne, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and the CEO of

When asked about the quality that helps create a great working environment, he started that as the person in charge, one should aim to be a leader as opposed to being the boss. He stated that leaders show by example and their subordinates follow. For instance, it is not sensible to expect employees to lower their travel expenses if you as a leader have a culture of booking first class hotels every trip you take.

Then, he states that when negotiating, the leader should ensure that everyone who comes to the negotiating table takes something home. Make sure that everyone gets something out of the deals that you make and you will never go wrong with your deals.

About Josh Verne

Josh is the owner at an interactive forum for students in the college. Through the social network, students are able to interact, share knowledge and everything about college life. He has been an entrepreneur since college and has made, grown and sold a number of companies at a great profit.

He has in the past served as co-president and Home line furniture and When he is not working, Josh spends time with his family or takes part in various charitable activities.