Mr. Transportation Innovator, Perry Mandera — a Part of the American Generosity

Today, we have plenty of religious charity going into crusades such as low-income, medical care, help among the poor, and education. As this list advances on, the donor achievements have set up much US history about thousands of significant philanthropic events. However, let’s not forget the ways Mr. Transportation Innovator, Perry Mandera is a part of that American generosity.

Yes, America’s philanthropy has taken part in a significant portion of its human history. If anyone is familiar with the gigantic task of giving to good causes, it is Mr. Mandera. In 1975, he finished public high school in Chicago and headed straight to the Marine Corps. Truck driving was part of Mandera’s training inside the motor unit region while on duty.

The US Marine Corps gave Mandera an honorable dismissal right back into the civilian life. Nevertheless, he put that truck-driving education to good use by serving various transportation companies. Perry Mandera, 23 years old then, started off amassing much knowledge during his hauling experiences. Not before long, Perry started his transport service but eventually sold it — and became interested in politics during the late 1980s.

However, the Republican Ward Committee member also started another trucking business, 1986 of February. Now, The Custom Companies, Inc. which is based in Northlake, IL. is providing various logistic services from Custom Bonded Warehousing and International Airfreight to Distribution outlets. The remarkable aspect of The Custom Companies is its specialty for charitable causes.

Immediately, Perry Mandera could focus his goal in helping veterans, youth corporations, and children. As a community person and transport executive, he is contributing to other charitable organizations with his financial resources and hard work. Also, the philanthropist backed by The Custom Companies, Inc has given donations to tornado victims in Washington, Illinois.

In 2013 of November, an EF-4 tornado killed as many as eight people and destroyed many homes. Mandera’s service sources supplied transportation and essentials to many families living in the area ( This disaster was one of the several causes that made the entrepreneur proud of his company and why he firmly believes in serving the society.