The Future of Human Genome Sequencing; Eric Lefkofsky

Most people are familiar with someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. This is because of the fact that about 40 percent of the Adult population residing in America have been diagnosed with the disease. A report by the National Cancer Institute showed that an estimated 14.5 million American citizens were battling with the illness in 2014. Unfortunately, this numbers are likely to increase to over 19 million by 2024. Groupon Tempus’s co-founder Eric Lefkofsky is spearheading a move to medicine with data-enabled precision

Lefkofsky discovered alarming shortcomings in data collection and digital collections in cancer treatment. This was after his wife contracted cancer. Although data was collected on cancer treatment, little had been done to achieve substantive results.

Tempus aims to bring about change in delivery of care to cancer patients. This is through analyzing the molecular and clinical data of cancer patients. The firm has had to conquer many challenges to meet these goals. Their commitment to cancer treatment has seen them design solutions to this challenges.

Tempus uses a method commonly called human genome sequencing. This was first done in the year 2003 and costed over $100 million. However, the cost has gone down over the years to just $5000. Tempus is determined to further bring down this cost so it can be affordable to patients.

Eric lefkofsky was born in the year 1969. He graduated in 1991 from the University of Michigan. He then graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in the year 1993. His entrepreneurship attitude saw him acquire an apparel firm with Brandon Apparel in Wisconsin (US). He then created a product-marketing company in 1999. Eric Lefkofsky became a co-founder of Inner Workings, a company that offered print procurement services, in 2001.

His entrepreneurship skills saw him partner with Keywell to create Echo Global Logistics, a firm that dealt in freight logistics. They later launched a firm called MediaBank, which later became MediaOcean. This firm provided an accounting, analysis and planning software to buyers in advertising. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus in 2016. This firm was created to help cancer patients.



Amicus Therapeutics, An Amazing Company!

Amicus Therapeutics is a public American biopharmaceutical company. Amicus Therapeutics is located in Cranbury, New Jersey. Amicus Therapeutics is a company that focuses on cures for rare conditions and diseases. Amicus Therapeutics is known for their use of Chaperone Advanced Replacement Therapy. Know more on about Amicus Therapeutics.

Amicus Therapeutics has a great leadership team. Donald Hayden is the director of the company. He is very educated. In fact, Hayden has earned M.B.A. from Indiana University along with a B.A. from Harvard University. In addition to his success with education, Hayden also has had a great career. Before starting with Amicus Therapeutics , Hayden has had several executive positions.

Amicus Therapeutics is a very trustworthy company. They have received many grants from several affiliations, including the The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. In addition, since opening their office in New Jersey, the company also has expanded to San Diego, California. Read more at about Amicus Therapeutics.

Amicus Therapeutics is very passionate about the work that they do. The company has developed a great program for Pompe disease that they are very proud of. This is big for the pharmaceutical industry. If you aren’t aware, Pompe disease is caused by an accumulation of glycogen in the lysosome due to deficiency of the lysosomal acid alpha-glucosidase enzyme.This disease is very rare but it is a condition that does require treatment. Amicus Therapeutics have also developed a treatment for individuals with Fabry disease. Their lead product for this disease happens to be migalastat. Fabry is also a rare genetic disease a deficiency of the enzyme alpha-galactosidase A that causes build up. Amicus Therapeutics certainty has a lot to be proud of. With their passion and hard work, this company will continue to grow in the pharmaceutical industry!

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Drew Madden Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT mogul who is enthusiastic about forming high performing teams, exceptional and smart company ethos, and accountable client relationships. In 2010, Drew joined Nordic Consulting Partners as the Executive Vice President. He later became the President from 2011 to 2016. As the President of Nordic Consulting Partners, his responsibilities included business expansion, enrolling, and consulting procedures. He was also responsible for sustaining a good relationship with 150 clients across the country. During his term at Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew nurtured 10 to 725 workers, 3 to 150 client associates, and $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 in yearly profits.

Drew Madden began his healthcare IT career as an Integration Consultant at Cerner Corporation. He spent four years implementing inpatient clinical applications at two major hospitals in Chicago. In 2006 -2010, Drew joined Healthia Consulting as a Senior Epic consultant where his responsibilities included performing epic inpatient applications in hospitals throughout Midwest and procuring accreditation in Willow, inpatient medicine orders, inpatient process orders, and clinical records. He was also a Regional Sales Director at Ingenix Consulting from 2009-2010. His responsibilities were developing business and sales and Allscripts consulting practices in Midwest.

Currently, Drew Madden is the Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The company delivers quality healthcare IT proficiency to its associates across the state in an exceptional way. The staff has excellent experience and believes that being passionate offers the right prospect on preferences, objectives, and expertise hence creating a strong foundation for a long-term partnership. Evergreen Healthcare is focused on implementation and providing advisory services for various EHR platforms and particular healthcare expertise. Its objective is to enable team members to nurture their calling as they collaborate with other healthcare establishments.

Mr. Madden is a holder of a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering. He also majored in Medical Systems from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering.