Surf Air Recommends Coffee and Workplaces with Personal Spaces

You might be feeling down, and you want to take that mug of coffee to boost your energy early morning before you can kick-start your day. Maybe you are looking for that place where you can sit down and work for some few hours. Surf Air recommends some wonderful places along the California coastline that you will enjoy.

Alfred Coffee at Loss Angeles
This joint offers tea on tap! And not just the popular tea around, it is the Health-Ade Kombucha. The place serves vegetarian dishes that you can enjoy at that place, or you can choose to cash and carry. Surf Air recommends this facility has spacious dining places where you can sit with your laptop without distracting noises and perform various tasks while you enjoy nitro cold brew mug of coffee. Other worthy items on the menu you can taste include pressed juice, Stumptown town latte, and Compartes.

The Mill at San Francisco
Maybe you are looking for that place where you can go as family members or a group from your evening class and discuss some critical issues. Surf Air recommends this place because it has significant and communal tables that will accommodate all members of the group. You can also enjoy your privacy as the sitting arrangement is arranged such that it can accommodate groups and individuals. This is the nice place where you can enjoy coffee and a toast of bread.

Santa Barbara Dune Coffee Roasters
Dune Coffee Roasters is a convenient place, especially if you are coming from the Surf Air terminal from the city. It is a 15 minutes’ drive where you can use the easily available cabs in the area. Surf Air recommends this joint because of its convenience, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays when there is the Farmer’s market. You can grab your vegetables and pass at this place for coffee treatment before heading back home. Other dishes to enjoy include homemade pastry which is baked on-site among others.