Glen Wakeman: A Profession of Financial Literacy

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and teacher when it comes down to how to actually succeed in business, especially if the mentioned business is a struggling start up independent company in survival mode ( Glen Wakeman lived in six different countries, worked in over thirty countries, and put in well over twenty years of his life in General Electric. He has changed businesses for the better which affected over seventeen thousand employees, and allocated about fifteen billion in assets (Affiliatedork). His course of material when it comes down to showing people how to strive and succeed in the business world is most importantly becoming a better leader, and then applying the lessons of leadership to the workplace in order to start seeing some real growth happening in the new found industry. His platform LaunchPad Holdings LLC is where Glen Wakeman usually does his financial mentoring, meaning people who need help come to Glen and he goes through the tactics and studies to help his clientele understand how to win in the game of life, whether it be through gaining adequate capital, or expanding their executive branch. Glen gleans his understanding from personal experience, as the worst job Glen Wakeman ever held was when he needed capital to pay off college fees, and thus took up a temporary position as a cleaner for the bathrooms at an automobile factory. He knows how hard it could be for an idea to be manifested into an actualized reality, and that’s why he inspires so many budding capitalists through LaunchPad Holdings LLC which he founded. It wasn’t a get rich quick scheme that worked for Glen Wakeman, but instead it was a step by step overall process which ultimately led to the momentum of his progress. He states that his main reason for getting results was his constant demand for excellence, which he has proven by his outstanding records.