The Change that George Soros wants to see in the World and the Way he is influencing it

George Soros has been one of the most helpful people on the political and social welfare of the US, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and many other parts of the world. He created a foundation known as the George Soros Foundation, which he uses to channel his funds and organize most of the political and social activism drives that he chooses to engage in. The most recent involvement that he had with the social activism groups was the $25million contribution that he made to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

George was born in Hungary in 1930. He was of Jewish descent, and he lived his childhood during the Nazi occupation. When Soros was a teenager, he had to flee his country to England to run from the Holocaust. He later enrolled in the London School of Economics but had worked through some odd jobs before then. When he finished school, he worked with some financial institutions. Years later, he started his own investment company, and that is when his fortunes started changing for the best and Follow his Twitter.

In 1993, George ‘broke the bank’ when he made a short-sale of a billion pounds, making a profit of a million dollars. After the sale, he left the UK for the US, and he has been doing his business from New York ever since. Soros is a staunch supporter of all causes which deal with social justice and the creation of a better society. For instance, in 2014, a teenage boy was shot by a policeman in unclear circumstances in Louisiana and more information click here.

The killing seemed to be racially motivated because the white policeman was never found guilty of the murder. People were outraged on social media. The issue, which had initially been overlooked, turned into a hashtag about black lives matter. In a matter of days, street protests had started in Fergusson. As a Holocaust survivor, Soros believes that no one should have to be treated unfairly or inhumanely because of their skin color or race. He supported the protestors be offering funds to lease the buses. Lots of protestors from other parts of the country joined the local community in Fergusson, and the message was made loud and clear and what George Soros knows.

The local politics is another area that has always interested Soros. He has always been a liberal because he likes their ideas and their way of thinking. In 2004, he funded John Kerry’s bid to remove Bush from office. His main issue with the Bush administration was the fact that he had started an unjustified war in Afghanistan, and lots of innocent lives were lost. He also supported Obama and Clinton. He believes that even though humans are not perfect, there is always a chance to improve on their mistakes and George Soros’s  lacrosse camp.

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