Whitney Wolfe Faces Antagonism After The Ban Of Gun Content In Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder of the popular networking App, Bumble an initiative she launched in 2014. Within four years, the app has grown tremendously hitting a client base of up to 35 million subscribers in 144 countries. The women empowerment app has since launched different features like Bumble Bff that allows for making friends of the same sex and Bumble Bizz for promoting professional networking. The idea of the dating up came from Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo.

Whitney Wolfe is a Southern Methodist University graduate with a major in International studies. Having spent her childhood in Salt Lake City, she traveled to South Eastern Asia to work in orphanages after graduating. At the age of 22, Whitney became the deputy head of the marketing department for Tinder. She used her position to influence the company’s name and logo as well as source out potential users. Whitney carried this marketing experience to Bumble, and within the first year of the company’s operation, they had created about 80 Million matches and had 15 million ongoing unique interactions. The hardworking entrepreneur was married last year in Italy with Michael Herd, an oil and gas businessman.

Following the Mass shootings in Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, the Bumble CEO banned any gun content appearing in the app, stirring up different reactions from users who were pro-gun activists. Whitney Wolfe gave $100,000 in a donation to the pro-gun control group March for Our Lives in response to the shootings. Speaking to the Times, she said that together with her staff, they received numerous threats forcing her to call for help from the police who watched over their offices for several weeks.

Whitney Wolfe added that despite the cyber attacks and threat, she would not lift the ban because guns were against the brand’s co values of accountability, kindness, and equality. According to her, most women who lost their lives in domestic abuse was as a result of guns and she was not going to promote their use.

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The RealReal 2018 Marketing Strategy

The ReadReal is a Fransisco based company which mainly deals with authenticating and resulting items. The company mainly focuses on women, men and the home products. It was founded by Julie Wainwright who is the current Chief Executive Officer. The company has made tremendous success in the market and has grown to be worth over $500million.The company currently employs over 800 employees and has set up six valuation branches across the States.

The company has made a successful venture in the business. According to the director of marketing in the company Allison Sommer, the RealDeal plans to further their investment in in-store investment come this year. Investing in in-line stores will create and legitimize the online brands and reach a full market share in 2018.

The company had initially held a pop up the party in New York City in 2016 made a whopping $2 million in just a single day. It was during the Pop up that the company commissioned its SoHo location. It was one of the most successful pop-ups, and it motivated the group to continue with the same trend in the coming years. The company will be launching its other retail in most parts of the country using pop-ups to entice and receive a broader customer market. Sommer has argued out that the average order is higher in the store than in the online platform. According to Sommer, once somebody enters the shop, he/she is motivated by the cool features as they analyze the different values of the brand and hence get motivated to acquire it.

The company has big plans for the entire 2018, having had the successful closing of 2017 with the pop up in San Francisco. The San Francisco was a turning point in the marketing strategy of its products. RealReal has now made over 500% over the increase in the sells. RealReal is, therefore, planning on making a big pop up in newer locations. Some of the places that have been identified for 2018 include Las Vegas.

The RealReal company is planning to introduce the pop-ups to many major towns in 2018. They want the residents of other cities to enjoy and feel part of the significant trend that has been widely successful in other critical cities including Los Angeles and New York.

Find out more about TheRealReal: https://digiday.com/marketing/realreal-2018-will-year-pop/

Capitalists Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Are Making Waves

TechStyle Fashion group is a thriving enterprise venture consisting of a number of well profound membership-based clothing, beauty or accessory businesses. The company was co-founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg; friends with weak background of the fashion industry. The partners are knowledgeable and aggressive on fulfilling the consumer gaps existing in the market for trendy fashion.

Inspiring Career history of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have each rode on an eventful journey that has lead to the prime of their careers as outstanding entrepreneurs.

Adam Goldenberg first ventured into the world of business at the tender age of 15. His first fierce company called Gamers Alliance was an advertising network specially designed for gaming websites. It was acquired by Intermix in 1999 with Goldenberg as the company’s vice president for strategic planning. His charisma, style and ambition scale the heights of success to top ranking position of being chief operating officer at only 20 years.

Don Ressler’s success story is similar to that of Goldenberg’s in that he joined Intermix company by selling his earliest booming internet website called FitnessHeaven.com in 2011.

Ressler and Goldenberg were acquainted at Intermix whereby their interaction paved way for common successful internet ventures.The partners had sufficient background in running online companies prompting them to create e-commerce Company in 2006: Intelligent Beauty. The firm became the formative ground for the brilliant idea behind the new way of online shopping for trendy, comfortable and personalized fashion.

TechStyle conception

TechStyle Company formally, known as JustFab, is a membership-based clothing line company that allows members to receive personalized clothing wears to suit their needs each month. It features relatable exhibitions on how best to mix fashion pieces with personal style, tastes and preferences.

The company’s main stream of endowment was from a venture capitalist known as Matrix Partners. JustFab Company underwent rebranding process to become Techstyle, originally derived from the founders’ expertise in merging technology and fashion.

Uniqueness of TechStyle

The work place ambience of Techstyle is exceptional with a unique deep sense of fashion that is well inspired and expressed. Its vision is to provide outstanding clothing and accessories for women around the world.

TechStyle is prominent for its profound involvement in corporate social responsibilities in the society. The company’s driving force goes far beyond successful operations and profits to improving lives of customers and the society. It engages in bountiful giving back incentives like charities and uplifting events.

Lime Crime: Pocket Candy Palettes

If you’re a fan of cosmetics, you will certainly love a highly sought after brand known as Lime Crime. This vegan, cruelty-free line is so unique, you’ll be so excited to discover the magic that is Lime Crime. Founded by Doe Deere, who is also the CEO, this line of cosmetics is far different from the rest. The bold and unique colors are irreplaceable and won’t be found anywhere outside of this line. In a recent article, their new collection of eyeshadow palettes were featured and fans are about to go wild.

If you’re a child of the 90’s, say “Hello” to some serious nostalgia. Since Doe grew up in the 90’s, she wanted to recreate a favorite childhood toy- Polly Pocket- and use makeup inside that unforgettable shaped container. From bold to neutral, this palette comes in a variety of cool colors and is probably the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. These palettes look just like the original Polly Pocket, but with Doe’s popular brand name on the front. You can get these for a modest thirty four dollars a palette or all four of them for ninety dollars. Not a bad price for the cosmetic crazed out there! Find these on her Amazon store, or at your local Urban Outfitters.

This brand is truly unique. Doe always has a way of making sure she stands out from the rest of the cosmetics industry. If you’re a lover of color and being bold, standing out and showing your inner self, this is definitely the brand for you. Doe prides herself on selling the most natural, pet friendly and vegan products. Her ideals really shine through her product and it’s obvious why the company had such an overnight success. Be sure to check out the new Pocket Candy Palettes and find the awesome that IS Lime Crime.

Lime Crime ‘s Latest New Product Line For Hair Coloring

Lime Crime is a unique brand that definitely provides people with the best makeup on the market today. What makes the brand so successful is the fact that countless people love what the brand stands for, which is to believe oneself and to project a positive outlook by expressing oneself through the beauty of makeup. They are now trying to reach out to more people and project another image of taking that personality and bringing it to your hair. The new line, Unicorn Hair Dye, is becoming the next biggest thing from the brand. After more than three years in the making, the products are here and ready for purchase. They can give you the perfect beautiful hair that you’ve been looking for, and the best part is that they have so many colors to choose from.


Unicorn Hair Dye is available in 13 different shades, and every single one pops and dazzles with a unique design and sense of beauty. It’s so well designed that they even made sure it was healthy for the hair. It is completely ammonia and bleach-free, so your hair is free from all dangerous chemicals that will only damage your hair in the future. Another great thing is that they beautifully fall onto your hair and even nicely fades away. Gone are the days where you buy hair dye that just breaks your hair down negatively. The key is to use this product line because they will slowly disappear and the quality will remain even as the hair dye begins to fade from your strands.


Lime Crime worked hard in the last three years to help create a product line like this one to give it that picture perfect and top quality product that would be perfect for all kinds of hair possible.


Lime Crime is very well respected in the makeup industry and eventually will be in the world of hair care. They want to stand out and be one of the few brands out there that give their biggest clients what they want and the top quality they need to have the best possible hair. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en

Lime Crime Extreme Color Hair Dye

Lime Crime is best known for their colorful range of cosmetics, created by the ever fashionable, Doe Deere. They are now offering a new line of extreme hair colors with highly pigmented shades. Unicorn Hair, a semi-permanent hair dye, has 13 shades available from their website at $16 a jar. The creator of Unicorn Hair, Doe Deere, designed the new hair dye to last longer, fade gracefully, and provide color that really pops.

Unicorn Hair is available in a full coverage option and a tint. It is always recommended that the dye is used on shades of blonde for the full effect of color to occur. The full coverage option offers a deeper color to the hair, while the tint is used for sheer tastes of color. The dye itself is based on a vegetable glycerin and does not contain any ammonia or bleach.

The dye itself contains conditioning agents and will not damage the hair in any way, but if you are bleaching your hair in order to attain a blonde color this is damaging to your hair. A professional hair stylist may be needed in order to achieve the results you are looking for. Shades of chocolate cherry, blue smoke, and anime, among others are being offered for darker hair and will show through as a tint.

Depending on the shade of dye, how often you wash your hair, and how healthy your hair is determines the length of time it will take for your color to fade out completely. It is recommended to use a gentle shampoo designed for color treated hair. The darker the shade to begin with, the longer it will last. One to three jars may be needed to cover the entirety of your hair, depending on the length.

Proper application of the hair dye is recommended for even coverage and the best results. The color will stain anything it comes into contact with, such as, the floor, clothing, or furniture. Detailed instructions are available on the Lime Crime website. For the deepest shade possible it is recommended to leave the product in your hair for 1-2 hours. https://www.yahoo.com/style/lime-crimes-unicorn-hair-dyes-182928324.html

Wengies Summer Hacks

Wengie is a life style and Beauty Guru on YouTube. She currently makes a variety of different videos including lifehacks, DIY videos, hair tutorials and everyday routines. She currently has over 5 million subscribers and offers some of the best content there is. One of her top videos is her DIY summer life hacks video


Throughout this video Wengie gives her viewers a variety of different tips and tricks for simple summer hacks. One of the absolute best summer hacks was the idea of using a kids pool as a floatie in the pool. This is a great idea for kids and a fun exciting idea for older kids. Another great tip Wengie shares with her viewers is how to make a cooler that can float in the swimming pool.


One of the simplest hacks Wengie shares is a great hack for those warm summer months when mosquitoes can often be annoying. The tip is to use toothpaste on those very itchy and annoying mosquito bites. The toothpaste will help to relieve and soothe the itching. It is very simple to do and very convenient. Wengie also shares a great tip on how to keep mosquitoes away using a homemade bug repellent candle. They are very simple to make and only require a few ingredients and items. All you need are jars and a few other key items and you will have the perfect do it yourself bug repellent candle. This is especially important during the warm summer months. Throughout the video Wengie also shares a large variety of other tips and tricks to help get you through the summer.


She is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to share her ideas with her viewers. With her great ideas and fun bubbly personality it is easy to see why she has more than 5 million subscribers and is one of the top YouTube content creators.