How The Affordable Housing Loan Program Is Creating New Home Owners

No matter the country you live in, poverty can be just a few blocks away. Unfortunately, many hard working people will never get to own a house. Being in such a poor economic state, the U.S. is no exception to the rule and many of it’s cities have lower income neighborhoods. Fortunately for Dallas, Texas; there is a plan which helps deserving families achieve this dream and it’s called The Affordable Housing Loan Program. This special program is rewriting the standards and setting a new mark for helping people with limited mortgage access. Over the course of five years, this program is looking to provide over 100 loans per month to reach it’s goal, but the main interest of this plan is bring in some much needed financial help.

To provide over 100 loans per month is no easy feat, but there is one banking institution taking matters into it’s own hand. NexBank is the name and funding mortgages is the game. This is one of Dallas’ premier banking institutions and NexBank has decided to provide up to $50 Million in loan support. That’s right! $50 Million will go toward families that live in specific Southern Dallas zip codes. Of course these funds come in the form of mortgage support and NexBank has the skill, expertise, and ambition to see this through to the end.

In addition to NexBank there are two other organizations that are partnering up to provide their services. They are simply the glue that holds everything together and with these three giants on your team; lower income families will start receiving a better quality of life.

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