Excellent Service Delivery at Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital has proven itself to public companies. It provides financial solutions and support to all the clients. After the firm has comprehended the issue at hand, it formulates an innovative strategy to address the issue. Clients are always thrilled to be a part of a company that resolves their financial matters. Due to the diligence and dedication from Southridge Capital, the firm has attracted diverse clients from different areas.


The success of this company is mainly from the team of professional executives. They have offered the company significant leadership and expertise. From their previous work experience and qualifications, these executives came to Southridge Capital and created a pool of talents. Together with other team players in the company, it is how Southridge Capital delivers to their clients.

Since the company was established, it has financed more than two hundred and fifty public companies. So far, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion. Although Southridge is not discriminatory, it is interested in growing companies. Such companies need support, especially in financing to help them thrive. You can visit southridge.com to see more.


Growing companies also have numerous risks and challenges they are always addressing. When Southridge Capital is involved with such a company, it is keen on these risks. Specific experts are brought in to advice on mitigating these risks and helping the company. Working along with companies has established a close working relationship between Southridge Capital and their clients. Each party is loyal and trusts the other.

Southridge offers a myriad of services to clients. In some instances, the services are not formally listed by the company. The company can handle financial needs or advice in similar areas. As long as a client needs a custom-made solution, Southridge Capital does not mind about bureaucracy and norms. This approach enables the company to fasten lengthy processes and efficiently deliver to the clients. To see more you can visit southridge.com



All clients are relevant and valuable to the company. Their satisfaction is the priority, and Southridge Capital will do anything practical to achieve that. The corporate culture at Southridge is healthy and has taken the company far. The determination and resilience will continue to move Southridge Capital forward and accomplish great things.



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Meet James Dondero; the President of Highland Capital Management

There are many successful entrepreneurs in Dallas. James Dondero is one of the entrepreneurs who have dedicated much of their funds to improving Dallas society. Through charities and donations, James has been instrumental in many developments that are seen in Dallas. On top of that, James is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management which is an investment firm based in Dallas.

Jim Dondero has an experience of over 30 years in the credit market. He is a certified managerial accountant and has a right to use the chartered financial analyst designation. Jim attended the University of Virginia where he attained a BS in commerce. He also joined JP Morgan where he completed his financial training. After this education, Jim joined American Express where he was responsible for over $1 billion fixed income fund. He worked at the firm for four years. Follow James on Linkedin.

James Dondero has management experience in mortgage-backed securities, leveraged bank loans, emerging market debt, investment grade corporates, high yielding bonds, preferred stocks as well as common stocks. Before he co-founded Highland in 19993, James was the chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and helped grow the business to over $2 billion. James serves on the board of directors for American Banknote Corporation, NexBank, MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare as well as NexPoint Residential Trust.

James has made Highland Capital Management one of the best investment advisers in the USA. Currently, the company and its affiliates have over $13.5 billion of assets under their management. James used his experience to give clients quality services that put the group on the front line when it comes to investments advice. His experience in the equity market has also been instrumental when it comes hedge funds, special private equity, and mutual funds. Read this article at barrons.com.

James Dondero is a great philanthropist. Through Highlands Capital Management, he has donated $1 million to build Highland Hippo Hut at the Dallas Zoo. The firm also has given over $2 million to Southern Methodist University to provide undergraduate students with exposure. He has also sponsored many educational programs that aim to improve education as well as making it more valuable. His donations are beneficial to many as well as Dallas society as a whole.

View: https://patch.com/texas/across-tx/james-dondero-dedicated-philanthropist-who-strives-make-impact-dallas-texas

Eli Gershkovitch Contributions to the Craft Beer

Craft beer is the most popular drink in Canada. Its popularity has made its sales grow and even double since 2009 despite the overall beer sales lying flat since 1995. Canadian IPAs and Canadian Stout top the list of the best Craft beer in Canada.

Canadian IPAs.

This is an England traditionally brewed Canadian Craft beer. The different varieties include the Imperial IPA and the Red Racer IPA. The Imperial IPA from the Garrison Brewing Company beer is famous for its zesty bitter flavors. It also has a fruity aroma that leaves you having a citrus aftertaste. The Red Racer IPA from the Central City Breweries has won several awards for its high quality and intense hops flavor and a durable tang. This beer also has the best accompaniment to spicy foods. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.

Canadian Stouts

This includes the St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout and the Black Coal Stout. The St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout from Brasserie McAuslan Brewery is a blend of roasted malts and chocolate notes. To top it up, it has a thick and creamy head. The Black Coal Stout from the Railway City Brewing Company is a roasted coffee dominated flavored beer with an additional chocolate flavor. Follow Eli Gershkovitch’s profile on twitter.com.

About Eli Gershkovitch

Born on 4th July 1975, Eli Gershkovitch is Steamworks Brewery`s CEO. Besides, he is a lawyer and pilot. Eli’s efforts and contributions in Canada`s Craft beer industry are highly recognized.

In 1987, Eli Gershkovitch graduated from the University of Toronto Law School. After his graduation, Eli tasted the Belgian Beer. It is from this first taste that Eli got his passion for Craft beer and began his research on the Craft beer businesses.

Working on liquor licenses, Eli gained familiarity with the licensing rules, making it easier for him to start his own business. By 1995, his efforts in opening his Steamworks Brew Pub received rewards. Steamworks Brew Pub began by producing six Crafts beer. By 1995, Eli’s pub was producing between 15 and 17 beers per annum making it a successful brewery. Today, Steamworks brews are available throughout Canada and in 14 states in the US.

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Roberto Santiago

Robert Santiago made it to the top from a very humble background. He had gone through many struggles by the time he started writing his blog posts, but he had overcome them all. Roberto felt that he could use his experience to encourage other people and give them tips on how to make it through the problems. Roberto’s blog post made him very successful and he decided to invest more in other types of businesses. He desired to have a large piece of land on which he would run a business. However, he lacked the business knowledge and resources required. Consequently, he first decided to join the college and university where he majored in Business Administration.

When Roberto was in college, he learned that he could start a small business and use the savings from there to start a larger business. Consequently, he first started with the Café Santa Rosa, which served healthy meals to the people in Brazil. Roberto saved all the money that he fetched from the business and used it to open a cartonnage company. The cartonnage firm dealt with cardboard, plastics, and other products’ manufacture and it was highly successful. Roberto said that the business was very successful and the high profits were saved and used to buy the land on which the Maniara Shopping Mall in Brazil stands. Within two years of buying the land, Santiago built and launched the mall to all the Brazilians and tourists. The venture is very successful and it has made Roberto a billionaire within a short span of time. Maniara is rated as the most modern and advanced mall in Brazil.

Background information

Before he ventured into all these businesses, Roberto engaged in writing children literature that was used highly among the Brazilian schools. Statistics show that these books still fall among the children’s favorite in the country. Later, Roberto engaged in script writing and play directing in the Brazilian theaters. In his leisure time, he also engaged in motorsports and bawling, and he is still actively involved in these activities. Moreover, he has won several awards in motorsports for his consistency and dedication to the game.

Core values

  1. Hard work and determination: Roberto says that he gives his all in any venture that he engages in. The above explains why he has risen to the top within a short time.
  2. Discipline: Roberto is very disciplined in resource management. His most important resources are time and money, which he uses well because once lost he says they cannot be recovered. His money saving discipline helped him save enough money to purchase the Maniara Mall
  3. Strategy: Roberto says that one must strategize carefully on how to achieve their vision. He strategizes effectively to make it in his endeavors.


Tony Petrello – Businessman

Anthony G. Petrello is Chairman, CEO and President of Nabors Industries Ltd. and has earned his standing in 2011. Born to lead, this 61-year old gentleman has over 30 years of experience in his field and plenty of prior education to back it up. As of last year’s fiscal summary, his total calculated compensation stood at $15,372,429 and has not changed much. In addition, his salary and total annual compensation stand at a solid $1,575,000. Plus, his totaled number of options stands at $2,450,153 with a total calculated compensation of $15,372,429.

Also, Petrello initially earned his J.D. from Harvard’s best – Harvard Law School. He then earned his B.S. and M.S. from Yale University. He holds numerous board memberships across large organizations as well as previous executive roles from within, giving him the knowledge and experiences that make him a top expert. Among these functions, a few top endeavors stand out: Petrello has been both uniquely tasked and privileged to have served as the Chief Director for many places, such as Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and The Texas Children’s Hospital.

Petrello also hosts reputable business and personal affiliations with Mediaondemand.com and Blue Sky Ltd. Nabors Industries’ leadership team is unique in itself as well, and that’s a major understatement: This executive dynamo team was made for such a time as this. Under Petrello stand William Restrepo, Mark Andrews, Carnia Lovato Gillenwater, Siggi Meissner, Christopher Papouras, John Sanchez, Dennis A. Smith, Sri Valleru, Steve Williams and Julia Wright as VP and General Counsel.

Nabors’ Board of Directors includes the following as well – under Petrello:

  • Anthony G. Petrello
  • John Yearwood
  • James R. Crane
  • John Kotts
  • Michael C. Linn
  • Dag Skattum
  • Howard Wolf
  • Martin J. Whitman

Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries – otherwise referred to as NBR – operates the largest land-based rig fleets for drilling and is also a major leading provider of off-shore rigs in both the United States and in multiple international markets. Nabors likewise provides directional drilling services, tools for strategic performance and other highly-sought innovative technologies. Leveraging advanced drilling automation capabilities, this highly-skilled workforce sets new standards.


Mike Baur, the Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is in charge of the financing and fundraising activities at the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike has been in the banking sector for more than twenty years. He has been able to acquire massive experience and skills. Mike’s interest and passion were in banking and finance since childhood. He later took up this interest to his profession which he says is a great satisfaction. Mike was born and brought up in Fribourg, Switzerland. He is always committed to his homeland. He started his career as a commercial apprentice working at UBS and later rose to become an executive board member of a big private bank in Swiss.


Mike Baur partnered with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer to establish the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. He was 39 years old. This was after he had quit his investment in startup companies. Mike previously worked for several companies including UBS and the Clariden Leu. Mike served as a Jury Member at the time of the START Summiteer. This is a startup pitching competition by the University of St Gallen. CTI partnered with the Swiss Startup Factory and came up with CTI Invest in 2016. Mike Baur was then chosen to be the Deputy Managing Director of the CTI Invest. Mike led the Swiss Startup Factory’s accelerator program together with Goldbach group and Fintech Fusion at the beginning of 2016.


The Swiss Startup Factory is an ICT accelerator that looks for upcoming digital entrepreneurs. The accelerator offers thrilling opportunities from the word go through its strong networks in Switzerland and all over the world. The Swiss Startup Factory runs a 3 month start-up accelerator program whereby it offers an exclusive platform for coaching, services, an entrepreneurial network for achieving goals, mentoring, and an office space in Zurich. Mike Baur’s hard work and commitment have led Swiss Startup Factory to become the number one ICT startup accelerator that is privately financed and independent in Switzerland. The company has become a household name both locally and internationally.


Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester, New York where he earned his MBA. He also got his Executive MBA at the University of Bern. Mike invests his finances and time in supporting the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He serves as a mentor to the Swiss Youth who would wish to pursue entrepreneurship and the banking sector. The Wall Street Journal profiled the early career of Mike Baur from banking to being an entrepreneur and startup investments in 2016.

Bruce Levenson Makes a Slam Dunk in the Business World

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman, writer and philanthropist. Formerly a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he is well known for his involvement in the NBA, as well as his immense philanthropic efforts.

Personal Life and Education:

Bruce was born in Washington D.C. on October 1st, 1949, but he spent his childhood in Maryland. He is of Jewish decent. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. After that, he attended American University to study law. He began writing for the Washington Star while pursuing his education. Bruce has also written for Observer Publishing. He has a wife and three children, and he enjoys being active and going on fun adventures.

Career and Philanthropy:

Bruce started his career at the United Communications Group, which he co-founded in 1977. He put his writing skills to use, helping to author the Oil Express, which discussed different developments and happenings in the oil industry. The company continues to focus on communication and has a database devoted to analysis for industries like energy and telecommunications. An example of Bruce’s work is an app that helps drivers find affordable locations to fill up on gas.

Levenson decided to put his business skills to good use by getting involved with the NBA. In 2004, Atlantic Spirit LLC, co owned by Levenson, purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. During that time he participated in many well known decisions, such as the hiring of manager Danny Ferry. He is still on the NBA Board of Governors, says ESPN.

Bruce’s other involvement in business includes being a board member of Tech Target. He also helped advise BIA Digital Partners, certainly highlighting some of his business expertise. In addition to this, he participated in the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association on the board of directors.

Bruce Levenson is also involved in many philanthropic endeavors, donating to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. According to PR News, he is active in the Hoops Dreams Foundations, the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and formerly involved in the I Have a Dream Foundation. Bruce also helped to develop the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, located at the University of Maryland. He and his wife helped implement the Do Good Challenge. During this 8 week event, students are involved in doing positive things for others and the community.

Bruce’s ability to write, conduct business and give back to the community can teach all inspiring entrepreneurs a thing or two. It’ll be great to see what he accomplishes next.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson

Starting a Business with Mike Baur

There are many people who are interested in starting their own business. Not only is this a great way to earn a higher income, but you can also enjoy more free time. However, starting up a business is a lot of work. Few people ever take that step because they do not understand how to grow their company over time. If you want to learn how to start a company, Mike Baur is a great person to learn from. He has done a lot of great work in helping other people with this process. Not only that, but he is dedicated to helping as many people as possible accomplish their dreams. With his start up factory, he teaches people all about how to invest in their future.

Learn more: http://www.founderstories.ch/founderstories/mike-baur-swiss-startup-factory-ssuf/

Mike Baur


From the time he was young, Mike Baur was always interested in starting a business. He knows what it takes to get to the next level in life, and he is willing to put in the work to get there. If you are someone who wants to start a company, learning from him is one of the best things that you can do. Mike Baur knows how to find a niche in the marketplace and grow his customer base over time. These are the basic things that he teaches new business owners in order to maximize their success when starting out.


Next Steps


If you want to start a company, you need to have a plan in place to get there. A lot of people do not understand the process of starting a business. Mike Baur has a lot of experience in this area, and he is working to help as many people as possible. Over the long term, he has helped thousands of new business owners accomplish their dreams. If you want to start a company, working in his start up factory is a great first step. You will learn all of the basics in starting a business, and this should help to propel your growth in the future. Over time, the experience will help you become a success in your new company.


Beauty Trends-Adam Goldenberg

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and we all have to look beautiful and attractive. Beauty is deterred mine by the way we put on our clothes and the types of clothes we wear. The question most people ask is, are the clothes trending? So one needs to keep with the trend to look attractive.

JustFab is a fashion company that was established by the co-founder Adam Goldenberg who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company in March 2010. Adam started practicing entrepreneurship at a young age, at only 15 he founded his first gaming company which he later sold it out before his high school graduation to Intermix Media. Then Adam joined the firm and served as the Vice President of Strategic Planning, and he then climbed the career leader to the position of a Chief Operating Officer being named as the youngest to hold the position in a public trading company.

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In 2006 Adam and his partner Don started Intelligent Beauty a Company that is involved in personalized online shopping through social interaction.  Since it was founded the company has been experiencing tremendous growth and is currently operating in other nations including Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom as well as Spain. The firm is dedicated to offering quality services and products to their clients and to be able to achieve their goals they work with other subsidiary companies including Fabkids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. Adam has been at the forefront of the success of the JustFab through his hardworking and the way he has been running the online business. Mr. Goldenberg is a go-getter and is known to utilize every opportunity that comes his way to being able to capture the market niche.

The CEO Adam said that the change of name was to put emphasis on the originality of the company which was founded on technological grounds. Adam Goldenberg did not forget to mention that the primary reason for establishing JustFab was to mainly change the way people shop and the delivery of trend fashion at an unbelievable value. Adam also said that the company has remained true since its inception and it has only converted into a powerful brand building platform that it mainly determined by purpose and personalization. Techstyle has also been growing and since the change of name it has raised more than $300 million and is expected to grow in the future.

Follow Fabletics On: www.justfab.com

Getting Benefits from Securus

For a lot of people who are behind bars, it can feel frustrating to keep in touch with loved ones because you simply do not know how to do this in a secure and beneficial manner. When I discovered Securus for the very first time, I knew that this was a technology that could benefit families all across the country who were dealing with individuals in prison. It is more than a little frustrating to deal with communication when someone is behind bars and Securus takes away this frustration and gives you better is when it comes to talking and video messaging with a loved one.


If you would like to learn more about Securus and how it works, you can visit its website to see about the technology and what it can do for you. If you feel it is time for better communication with a loved one behind bars, you are going to want to give Securus a try for yourself and see if this is going to help you keep in touch with that loved one with whom you have lost touch.


Lots of people have found Securus to be one of the top technologies in the industry and this is why they are using it for themselves and their loved ones. A lot of individuals have found Securus to also be quite affordable for their budget so this is also something that you will find to be great when trying to get a technology that truly works without it breaking the bank for you and your family.


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