Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Passes The Torch Of Bradesco

Changes in Brandesco’s Bank with the recent retirement of the former president. Luiz Carlos Trabucco has been serving the bank for 25 years now. He took over the role of president of the bank. His leadership has led the bank to success during the time that he has served there.

Cappi has been the director of Bradesco Bank since 2009. He came from the Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política in São Paulo, Brazil. He received his degree in Social Psychology there. Before that, he served in many other prestigious positions in leadership in financial institutions. This leadership has been the success in his career. It takes a special person to be a leader in the industry. Solid financial decisions have led Bradesco to its current position in the financial world market today according to

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Bradesco has always used a traditional approach to pick their own leaders. They used a board of chairmen to make that decision. They also decided to elect his permanent predecessor. Trabuco’s role as Bradesco’s president was one that was temporary to cover until the choice was made. The transition was seamless.

Now a private bank, after the hard work of Trabuco, the bank handles the best of the country these days. That’s a challenge in Brazil’s current climate where investments are failing more often than most financial institutions can endure. In this situation, the strict lending policies of the bank will help the bank to remain strong. The bank runs itself as a small bank. It makes certain that it knows the lenders before any loan is ever approved.

Any good bank knows that the investments that are made in the bank are the steps to profits. There is no sense in making bad loans. Some analysts have asked about Bradesco’s future, wondering if it can be so picky in who places their investments there. The truth is in the very thing the analysts are questioning. The bank will succeed because it won’t have people defaulting on loans.

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