The New Benchmark for the Athleisure Market Is Here and It Is Called Fabletics

Recently, Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith sat down with the Co-Founder of Fabletics, Adam Goldenberg, to discuss their fashionable active wear, or athleisure, line co-founded by Kate Hudson. The company has been in business for 3 years and took in $44 billion in 2015, a 16% growth from 2014. There has been a distinct movement toward casual wear over the last several years. The general public wants to be comfortable but they also want to look stylish on Instagram. They offer high quality performance wear that competes with high end lines such as Lululemon, Athleta and Ivy Park at a fraction of the price. While one of these competitors will set you back over $100 for a two piece outfit, Fabletics offers many unique, well-made outfits for at least half that price. Launched as an ecommerce retailer, they have built their brand online rapidly in less than 3 years. They already have over a million subscribers to their VIP subscription program. However, the bulk of athleisure purchases still occur in brick and mortar stores. Fabletics does not want to miss out on that in store market so Goldberg has planned to open an additional 12 retail locations before the end of 2016. Opening retail stores helps Fabletics showcase their unique and quality active-wear to be the superior product.

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Fabletics has taken the athleisure market by storm, led at the helm by the ever lovely Kate Hudson. She appears in ads looking healthy, fit and happy. The marriage of the two is a perfect match. The use of her ‘backstage glimpse’ commercial filming lets people see her in a more natural light. When you see the unique designs on Ms. Hudson on, it makes you want to buy an outfit and join a yoga studio – of the power yoga variety. The outfits themselves are definitely not the typical black yoga pant and grey t-shirt you run to the corner store in. Bright colors, elegant details and elongating lines bring the world of athleisure away from the stigma of ‘Has she just finished a session at the gym?’ to ‘I wonder where that outfit came from – I’ve got to have it!’

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