Governments and Scientists have an important role in improving lives

Scientists in India are developing new ways that allow citizens to gather information and upload it to the cloud to push stakeholders such as the government and corporations toward change. Dr. Clay Siegall, a scientist, shared an interesting article about it written by a reporter from India. Unlike writing letters or sending tweet pictures, this is a more active role to ensure that the government provides safe drinking water to all citizens in India by 2030. It also makes it easier for citizens to advocate for better environmental laws and for the government to collect data.

California Aid-In-Dying Law

Dr. Siegall also shares a report about the new California law that allows doctors to prescribe medicines that aid terminally ill patients take their lives. According to the article, although very few doctors oppose the ‘aid-in-dying’ law, several medics do not want to be called upon to give prescriptions. There is stigma attached to it, according to the piece. The medics are also not willing to follow extensive guidelines or have difficult talks with the patients. The process is complicated for them because doctors are trained to save lives. It is also tedious since it takes a lot of time. Notably, the report also shows that most patients don’t take drugs that are prescribed to end their lives.

About Dr Siegall

Clay Siegall is the president of Seattle Genetics, an organization that develops and commercializes therapies to be used in cancer treatment. Dr. Siegall led Seattle Genetics in coming up with antibody-drug conjugates and securing approval for ADCETRIS, an ADC product. He also convinced over 60 countries to approve the drug. To support this endeavor, Seattle Genetics has been able to raise more than a billion dollars from public and private sources.


Dr Siegal has contributed significantly to the cancer community. He founded the company to find a treatment for cancer patients. As a young boy, he saw his father fight and lose the battle to cancer. Because of this, he wanted to avail oncologists with improved tools to treat the cancer patients. According to him, that’s why he goes to work every day.