Cancer Treatment Centers of America Use Supportive Therapies

Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat their patients using integrative care which is a two-layered process that uses conventional techniques to treat cancer and to improve their quality of life. When a patient receives their diagnosis, the news is devastating as they contemplate an unknown future.

The CTCA uses conventional treatments alongside supporting therapies to ease their patients symptoms during their treatment. One of the most common treatments people are familiar with is chemotherapy which uses anti-cancer drugs to slow or stop cancer cells from growing. Chemotherapy can be delivered by liquid, pill, a cream applied to the skin, an injection, IV infusion into a vein, or a device that is placed underneath the scalp. It’s used to treat a large number of cancer types and may be used as a primary treatment.

There are physical and emotional side effects to deal with too when patients are receiving treatment for their disease. Depression is a common one and a natural response a patient will have when they first receive their diagnosis. They may feel a sense of loss and despair and the feelings can linger which can impact their desire to participate in treatment. Patients who suffer from depression may find it difficult to focus on their recovery and their quality of life may start to decline.

This is why it’s so important for the CTCA to focus on their patients physical and mental well-being. They provide spiritual support through a variety of services to encourage their patients to look towards the future. Emotional and spiritual support can play a big part in how rapidly a patient can improve and is a large factor towards recovery or a better quality of life. Emotional and mental behavioral factors have also been known to directly impact a patient’s health. His facebook page

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