Bob Reina- CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion Elaborates about His Journey to Success

Necessity always leads to innovation. Bob Reina is the Founder of Talk Fusion. He also serves as the chief executive officer of the company. Talk Fusion is a company that deals with video marketing. However, as successful as Talk Fusion is, behind every successful man is a story to tell. During an interview with inspirery, Bob Reina opens up about his journey to success.


Background Check


Bob Reina started out as a policeman. He served as a policeman for over ten years. As an ambitious individual, he always had the dream of indulging in another line of work that would suit him better. Luckily, one day while directing traffic, he was introduced to network marketing by a particular gentleman. Although various challenges were involved in the network marketing industry, Bob Reina was able to reap the benefits that arose from the network marketing industry.


Talk Fusion Comes to Life


In 2004, Bob Reina was traveling and his current whereabouts at that time could be traced all the way to North Carolina. While in North Carolina, he made an attempt to send a short video clip to his family through email. Unfortunately, AOL said that the task couldn’t be executed. There and then, Bob Reina identified that a form of necessity had presented itself. With the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen, they were able to launch Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion served as a video marketing platform. Since Bob Reina had a background in marketing thanks to indulging in network marketing, he was able to market the Talk Fusion platform through direct selling models.


Additional Information


Bob Reina is famously known for being the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. His journey to success didn’t come easily. As successful as he is right now, he always says, “With great success comes great responsibility.” Bob is well known for leading by example. Every now and then, he gives back to the society by engaging in philanthropy. Among the philanthropic acts that Bob Reina has ever taken part in are such as; donating towards the fundraiser that was aimed at helping the victims who succumbed to the destruction caused by the tsunami in Japan as well as the victims of the Nepal earthquake. The various philanthropic activities showcase Bob Reina’s willingness to always be there for the less fortunate at their greatest times of need.




Bob Reina has always been of service to the society. As a policeman, he was tasked with serving the people. Even after launching Talk Fusion which has emerged as a successful brand, Bob Reina is still diligently helping people. By engaging in philanthropic activities, he gives back to the society and the less fortunate in the society benefit from his good deeds. Learn more:




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