Ian King Reveals How The Financial Crisis Helped Him Predict The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

Today, Ian King is considered an expert in the area of cryptocurrency. In fact, that’s the sole reason Banyan Hill Publishing recruited him to write for them. Of course, Ian’s career had another focus early on with his first position at the mortgage company Salomon Brothers. King moved on to work in the Citigroup credit department a few years later and followed that up by taking a position as a hedge fund manager at Peahi Capital. That career path was derailed, when the financial crisis hit and Ian recognized a bold new investment opportunity on the horizon. Read more at Talk Markets.

Ian King Predicted the Birth of Cryptocurrency

After the financial crisis hit, forcing the Federal Reserve to drop interest rates down to zero, Ian says he knew then that things were changing. While he didn’t specifically anticipate the cryptocurrency craze, he did expect some form of digital money to rise from the ruins. Even in 2012, Ian King recalls seeing early precursors to today’s cryptocurrency.

He recalls meeting with the head of a start-up in Silicon Valley that wanted to create a form of digital money that central banks would back and distribute. Since the value of this e-currency was determined by the bank issuing it, it still wasn’t on the same level as today’s cryptocurrency market, but it began the ball rolling. Ian says he could see the potential, offering a financial product that could eliminate the red tape and time involved in dealing with traditional money. Follow Ian King at stocktwits.com.

Cryptocurrency Will Change the Face of Investing

As cryptocurrency evolved and gained in popularity, Ian King says its use has also begun to change. While it’s still used as a form of digital money, he says there’s a trend to view it as more of a maturing asset than a firm of currency. He predicts that people will begin investing in cryptocurrency, just as they would buy rare coins or invest in precious metals.

Additionally, new entrepreneurs are entering the market every day, seeking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency craze. Even those who have already made millions on cryptocurrency are reinvesting their money and driving the market forward. King suggests we’re just beginning to see wealth dispersed among a broader group of investors, as more and more people are drawn to the cryptocurrency market. While some may fear this is leading to a bursting of the cryptocurrency bubble, Ian King sees something more promising. He suggests cryptocurrency is a growing opportunity for young entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to cash in on a promising new technology.

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Daniel Taub – The Great Ambassador

Iran has a debatable nuclear program which it maintains notwithstanding the Geneva Deal. The deal was meant to support peace inside the tumultuous vicinity of the middle east but it seems that tensions will not be letting up anytime quickly. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.alondon.net/index.php?action=art&id=7198&lang=he_IL and http://chronicleweek.com/2017/09/israeli-ambassador-daniel-taub-un-agencies-are-effectively-supporting-palestinian-child-abuse/

Daniel Taub has presented his professional opinion that Iran continues their plans to preserve their nuclear facilities, equipment, and software. Iran currently has nuclear sites at more than one location.

They are located throughout Tehran, Natanz, Isfahan, Qom, Arak, Bonab, and Ramsar. With so many nuclear facilities, they’ve taken into consideration the world does not wish for them to have a nuclear arsenal, yet they ignore standard conventions.

They pose a huge danger to global peace. Nuclear provocation from any nation might result in the mutual destruction of every nation in the event of retaliation or escalation.

Daniel Taub is speaking out for Israel in hopes that nations everywhere may be capable of making peace. He believes that the proper route of action is creating alliances with nations that we might have not previously taken into consideration.

The allegiances might be beneficial to all people and the peace talks might set the precedent for peace inside the international sphere.

There are countries that agree with the Geneva Deal and that is the first step to attaining a more secure middle east and a more secure world.

But, there are those who disagree and say the deal does not take sufficient steps to prevent Iran from furthering their nuclear operations. Israel has maintained a superb relationship with the United Kingdom and the west.

They dispatched safety professionals to Washington for talks and the outcome was deemed an international success. They do not accept it as true that the latest agreements will gradually bring down or forestall Iran’s development into a nuclear power. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

The primary problem with the Geneva Deal is the data that factors into Iran’s nuclear approach has been left intact. The centrifuges have not begun to be taken apart and the application for nuclear energy remains intact.

Even the heavy water reactor stays. The world needs to respond and Daniel Taub believes we will begin developing peaceful alliances with each other in due time.

Anthony Petrello And Nabors Industries Support Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tony Petrello is not known in many American households. The businessman, however, is one of the few personalities that influence the corporate world in so many ways. Petrello represents a few professionals in Houston that have done so much for the communities.

Tony currently heads the biggest and most successful companies in the oil and gas drilling department. This is one of the most profitable companies that have ever been started in the country and this why Tony Petrello is one of the richest company leaders in the US. Tony was the most paid chief executive officer less than three years ago.

Although Tony Petrello has all the riches any person would wish for, he has maintained a very low profile in the country. The businessman has been in the American energy market for the longest time, and he has managed to acquire a lot of money. Tony Petrello has been using all his money in the right channels over the years. The people who have met him in his career life understand that Tony is very generous. While the people in his capacity struggle to accumulate wealth through corruption and other illegal ways, Tony and company have proven to be different. The businessman gives back to the community whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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Hurricane Harvey took place last year. People who were living in Texas at the time were not fortunate. When the storms started, it was difficult to access basic necessities such as food and clean water for drinking. Residents of the entire state had to deal with so many challenges during the entire time. Most of the people living in Dallas work in Nabors Industries, and this meant that most of them could not go to work. Young children were not spared during this time. Most people lost their loved ones, houses and properties that are worth millions of money.

There are so many companies that are found in the Dallas region. When the calamity stroke, very few individuals were brave enough to accept the situation and assist the communities. Anthony Petrello understands the needs of the needy people, and he realized that he could assist his employees and other communities who were affected by the storms. Tony and his company donated their resources and time to ensure that the people in the affected areas had enough food and other resources that are important for life. Many people recovered because of the assistance they received from the businessman.

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Kamil Indris — International Expert on Intellectual Property Rights

A Sudanese national, Dr. Kamil Eltayeb Idris is a renowned scholar in the field of intellectual property. Idris earned a Bachelor of Law degree from Khartoum University, Sudan. He also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories from Cairo University, Egypt. He went on to earn his Master in International Law and International Affairs degree from Ohio University, United States as well as a Doctorate in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland. In 1982 Idris joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He served as Director General of WIPO from 1997 to 2008.


One might ask what is the driving force behind Kamil Indris’ passionate interest in this field of study. It is Dr. Indris’ belief that without attention being paid to intellectual property rights, many of the technological wonders that are part of our world in the 21st century would never have seen the light of day. Dr. Indris would attest to the fact that intellectual property rights have taken on a new importance in human life in recent history. He names four key factors that have contributed to this: international commerce driving interdependence among nations of the world, information and innovation becoming main drivers of economic development, incredible advances in science and technology, and lastly, but surely not least, the advent of the Internet.


Recently, VentureOutsource.com caught up with Kamil Idris for an interview to discuss his views on the current state of affairs and the projected future of intellectual property rights worldwide (see: “WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights” https://www.ventureoutsource.com/contract-manufacturing/wipos-kamil-idris-on-protecting-intellectual-property-rights/ ). In the interview, Dr. Idris makes the point for the importance of international frameworks and protocols regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. At the same time, however, he speaks of the need to understand the unique needs and situations as they unfold in individual countries that are, intrinsically, part of the world body.

GoBuyside Uses Modern Technology And Trends To Recruit The Top Talent

The employment landscape has continued to evolve since the internet became popular during the 1990’s. There is no longer a need to call a talent recruitment agency to secure a local job. The methods used for talent recruitment have changed due to the information age. One of the executive search firms based in New York City is GoBuyside. They monitor the finance industry for job trends and are using a tech centric approach in regards to the recruitment of talent.

One of the current trends in the financial industry is the decentralization of positions. In 2015 there were 24 percent of all employed individuals doing all or some of their work while at home using the internet. The location has less meaning than in the past and the location used for job searches has become much broader. This means there are more applicants available. GoBuyside is using this increase to provide their firms with the highest quality applicants. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside is using this new flexability to ensure applicants exceed their firm’s expectations. Their searches provide more applicants but their screening process is responsible for the stellar hires. This is accomplished with programs and software on the cutting edge. They assemble information using social media sites including Facebook and LinkedIn. The applicants can no longer control the information they want employers to see and the tables have effectively turned. Employers can now see potential employees in real time.

Project oriented and part time positions are becoming the standard in the financial industry. GoBuyside is filling the need for short term hires with online job boards, applicant tracking systems and artificial intelligence. To fill these roles the applicants must have expertise in the specific type of project. These roles additionally provide applicants with the ability to pursue their abilities and talents.

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GoBuyside works with private equity firms, investment managers, hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies and advisory platforms. Applicants are given the opportunity to make a connection with firms all over the globe. They have full control of their search because they have eliminated the headhunters. GoBuyside stands out from other hiring platforms because they collect so many data points regarding the companies and people they work with. The recruits receive all the data and preparation materials regarding the firms they have applied to. GoBuyside has been instrumental in providing connection features, updates, confidential jobs and reviews for numerous individuals looking for a position. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Stocks on the Rise: O2Pur

In today’s age of technology, many individuals are searching for new ways to invest their money with companies who are on the rise. With e-cigarette popularity growing and the business changing on a daily basis, these types of companies are becoming a big name for anyone looking into profitable stock exchanges. Three of the biggest company names in the market for e-cigarette brands are British American Tobacco, Phillip Morris and Reynolds-American, all of which are responsible for producing some of the biggest brand names in the e-cigarette market. Although these companies are in the spotlight for stocks, there are also other up and coming smaller companies, like O2Pur, to keep a close watch on.

O2Pur is a newer company in the e-cigarette market that promotes products suck as box mods and flavored juices for the vaping community. With amazing flavors on their website, like Caramel Apple, Berry Cheesecake and Butter Pecan, these juices are sure to delight anyone’s senses that may be looking for a sweet and simple alternative to generic tobacco flavors. With so much of today’s younger generations, and even into a fraction of the older generations, being extremely interested in the e-cigarette products and industry, the stocks for most of these , like O2Pur, are only expected to rise in profit as time goes by.

The stock market game is ever changing, as well as the brands and companies that are able to be bought into do. Almost daily there are more and more people who are deciding to take a swing at the e-cigarette business and profits and with these new businesses comes the option to buy into the stocks offered and the opportunity to reap the benefits of the rising vaping industry. New companies with new products, like original flavors of e-cigarette juices or new forms of mods, are sure to make a large hit in the stock market as they continue to grow in popularity!

OSI Food Solutions Announces Major Growth in North America and Spain

The OSI Food Group is one of the leading providers of high-quality foods across the entire globe. The company focuses on providing value-added meats such as chicken, sausage, beef, hot dogs and a variety of other meats. OSI Food Solutions is the largest privately-owned provider of quality meats in the United States. The company has been named to the prestigious list of Top 100 companies in America for multiple years. The OSI Group proudly partners with some of the top food service and retail food companies throughout the world to provide the best quality meats at affordable prices.

One thing that sets OSI Food Solutions apart from others in the industry is the company’s commitment to offering a full suite of custom foods. As mentioned above, OSI works incredibly closely with a multitude of restaurants and distributors. OSI Foods knows the importance of providing high-quality meats that are custom made to fit things like seasonal change, food trends and customer preferences. As a part of OSI Food Solutions commitment to customer service, restaurants or distributors who wish to provide custom food solutions can sit down one-on-one with a representative from OSI Food Group. They will work together as a team to bring the vision of the custom food to life and then manufacture the custom food until it is ready for distribution.

OSI Food Solutions recently made major headlines when the company purchased the Tyson Foods plant located on Chicago’s Southside. The 200,000 square foot facility was all but set to be shut down when OSI Food Solutions swept in and purchased the facility. The $7.4 million purchase will greatly expand OSI Food Group’s footprint in North America. The purchase also helped to save hundreds of jobs that would have been lost if the Tyson Food Group closed its Chicago facilities.

In addition to the acquisition of Tyson, OSI also has made major news in its Spain facilities. The Spain location recently added a high-capacity line for production. This new production line will grow the volume of chicken. The current line has the capacity to put out around 12,000 tons of chicken each year. The new high-capacity line will give the Spain facilities the capability to produce 24,000 tons of chicken annually.

The OSI Food Solutions continues to expand its global reach on a daily basis. The Tyson acquisition will be a big step in growing its relationship in the United States.

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Todd Lubar’s Great Achievements in the Real Estate Sector

Todd Lubar is a renowned entrepreneur who invests in the real estate industry. He serves as the president of TDL Ventures LLC, Lubar, which is a flourishing company that he started in 1995. Under Mr. Lubar’s leadership, the company has been beneficial to many who have acquired homes through the TDL Ventures. Mr. Lubar’s business interests stem back from when he was seven years old. Growing up, he started exhibiting his skill in entrepreneurship when he was seven years and would sell lemonade and hot chocolate in Washington Dc, factor that made him excel in business.

Todd Lubar has been involved in all aspects of the real estate where he has previously worked in the mortgage and financing sector hence his excellence in the properties industry. Further, Mr. Lubar provides an open door policy to his staff to help them feel free as they conduct business as he believes it is crucial to maintaining a balance at work and personally. On the contrary, Todd Lubar’s businesses have not always been smooth, his journey to success has been turbulent at times where he has seen doors closing. Nonetheless, as high spirited individual the impediments didn’t make him lose hope as he has had to navigate the obstacles experienced to still achieve success. For more details visit Ideamensch.

About Todd Lubar’s Life and Profession

According to Patch, Todd Lubar who hails from Bethesda, Maryland and also works for Legendary Investments where he is the vice president. He went to Syracuse University where he did a B.A. in Speech Communication before securing his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar has worked in various other organizations which include Legacy Financial Group and First Magnus Financial Corp among others before embarking on his main career in mortgage banking. Besides, Mr. Lubar also invested in other companies he helped establish including the recycling industry, demolition industry and operating a nightclub.

Furthermore, Todd Lubar established the TDL Ventures in a quest to help people to invest purchasing properties. His background in the finance and mortgage went a long way in assisting his clients in securing loans for properties. In fact, he made partnerships with financial institutions such as the Legacy Financial Group in 1999 which also made him expand his scope in lending. Additionally, Todd Lubar continues to excel in the industry where he has established a niche in providing mortgage.

Dr. Jennifer Walden- Doctor, Mother and Inspiration

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas. Known for being one of the first plastic surgeons for doing laser labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty treatments, Dr. Walden has been featured as one of Harper’s Bazaar top 24 Beauty Surgeons of 2014. Walden has also been recognized for her appearances as a plastic surgery commentator on ABC news, Fox News, E! and several other broadcasting services.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from University of Texas, Dr. Walden studied to receive her MD from University of Texas Medical Branch. Walden graduated as salutation of her class, and went on to receive a fellowship at Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat practice in Manhattan, New York as a plastic surgery resident. During her time in New York, Dr. Walden was part of several clinical trials that led to the reintroduction of silicon breast implants.

After having twin boys, Dr. Walden moved to Texas to begin her own practice and bring her children closer to their extended families. Walden went on to become an active member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and has also been recognized as one of Texas’s super doctors. One of just a few of Texas’s board female board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Walden is a supporter of Women’s empowerment, health, and autonomy.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has become a popular face on media outlets, and a sought after doctor for non and minimally invasive procedures, vaginal rejuvenations, and laser treatments. As a mother, doctor, and women’s empowerment advocate, Dr. Walden is a true leader in the medical field.

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Steps Obsidian Energy Took To Re-Examine Its Valuation

Among the Canadian small-cap stocks, you will find Obsidian Energy operating in the gas and oil industry. The insiders in this company have within three months invested over 18 million shares. It is an optimistic signal when the insiders can invest more in shares of their own company. Whenever there is insider buying, it ensures the stocks outperform the market by a margin of about 4.5 percent. This is according to research done 20 years ago, which has been published in The MIT Press. The current movement of share prices and the future growth expectations influence one’s confidence to invest.


At Obsidian Energy, shares have been more bought than sold in the past three months. This translates that more than 36 million business shares are owned by the insiders. The reason the future for Obsidian Energy looks brighter is the expected twice time-line growth of the company by next year. This indicates the past growth initiatives are yielding meaningful benefits for the company. The act of buying the company’s shares by the insiders shows they have more confidence with the company’s progress in the business world. Refer to This Article for related information.


Obsidian Energy produces about 30,000 boe pd of energy per day. Its high-quality assets have given it a portfolio that is well-balanced. The organization crafted around these assets enables the company to deliver great results through the right platform. What has made the company thrive in such an evolving industry is its entrepreneurial spirit. Obsidian has relentless passion and discipline that helps it achieve the bottom-line results it achieves. This also enables the company to resolute accountability to the community, partners, and shareholders.


Initially, the company used to be called Penn West Petroleum, but it changed its name to Obsidian Energy on 26th June 2017. The kind of changes the company went through under the name Penn West was significant. These changes have left the business aspects and organization of the company improved and redefined. From the time it changed its name, the company has become more effective, leaner and stronger. It seems that the changes are also headed Obsidian Energy down a new exciting path that makes its future look great.


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