Arnold All the Way


When someone hears “Arnold Schwarzenegger movies“, it is often The Terminator that is most associated with his name. For a generation of children in the 90s, however, he is likely to be “Turbo-Man” from the Christmas movie Jingle All the Way. Premiering in 1996, the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard Langston, an overworked father who struggles to make time for his family. His son is largely affected by his father’s absence. In an effort to win his son over, he intends to get him a Turbo-Man action figure, the hottest toy of the season. The problem is it is too late to purchase one as they have been sold out everywhere.


The film largely follows Howard embarking on a mission to hunt down a Turbo-Man action figure. He eventually encounters Myron Larabee a postal worker, played by Sinbad, who is also on the search for the same action figure. They then butt heads in their efforts to obtain one. A memorable scene is when they are at a diner, and they overhear on the radio that there is a chance to win a Turbo-Man action figure if all of Santa’s reindeer can be named. They burst off to the radio station. However, they are told it is only a certificate to win one.


Later on in the film, Howard gets caught up backstage of a parade and dresses as Turbo-Man. With his son in the crowd, he wins him over after his identity is revealed.  As far as funny movies go, it’s definitely worth watching.

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