Anthony Petrello And Nabors Industries Support Hurricane Harvey Victims

Tony Petrello is not known in many American households. The businessman, however, is one of the few personalities that influence the corporate world in so many ways. Petrello represents a few professionals in Houston that have done so much for the communities.

Tony currently heads the biggest and most successful companies in the oil and gas drilling department. This is one of the most profitable companies that have ever been started in the country and this why Tony Petrello is one of the richest company leaders in the US. Tony was the most paid chief executive officer less than three years ago.

Although Tony Petrello has all the riches any person would wish for, he has maintained a very low profile in the country. The businessman has been in the American energy market for the longest time, and he has managed to acquire a lot of money. Tony Petrello has been using all his money in the right channels over the years. The people who have met him in his career life understand that Tony is very generous. While the people in his capacity struggle to accumulate wealth through corruption and other illegal ways, Tony and company have proven to be different. The businessman gives back to the community whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Hurricane Harvey took place last year. People who were living in Texas at the time were not fortunate. When the storms started, it was difficult to access basic necessities such as food and clean water for drinking. Residents of the entire state had to deal with so many challenges during the entire time. Most of the people living in Dallas work in Nabors Industries, and this meant that most of them could not go to work. Young children were not spared during this time. Most people lost their loved ones, houses and properties that are worth millions of money.

There are so many companies that are found in the Dallas region. When the calamity stroke, very few individuals were brave enough to accept the situation and assist the communities. Anthony Petrello understands the needs of the needy people, and he realized that he could assist his employees and other communities who were affected by the storms. Tony and his company donated their resources and time to ensure that the people in the affected areas had enough food and other resources that are important for life. Many people recovered because of the assistance they received from the businessman.

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