Annual Event

On Nov. 10, 2016, the current CEO and president of NexBank – John Holt – spoke out at the Texas Bankers Association’s yearly conference for strategic opportunities and new implementations. Numerous topics opened up, and renowned bank leaders and top-level executives from around the globe were present to witness and experience new potential implications for the quickly-expanding world of business and finance. NexBank owns four main branches in Dallas and plans to open more within the next five years. It partners with major banks such as Prosperity Bank, Legacy Texas Bank, Wood Forest National Bank, Frost Bank, BOKF, Vertex Community bank, Inwood National Bank, Plains Capital Bank, ZBA, Regions Bank, The American National Bank of Texas and Texas Capital Bank. Excited with all the potential possibilities that the new ideas may offer, each panel participant likesie expressed potential concerns and present obstacles with an action plan to overcome them.


NexBank and its top executives were also present and contributed in numerous ways. PR Newswire, a top online article news agency, recently summarized the event and Mr. Holt’s involvement as a panelist within it. You may find more information and read the full summary by clicking on the link below:


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